Assortment Boxes of Cards – The Life Saver

I love to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and all the little holidays in between. I’m definitely the person in the office who will bring in cupcakes to welcome someone new or to say farewell to someone who is retiring. One of my favorite parts of the celebration is picking the perfect card to accompany the festivities. I know a card seems small next to a tray of cupcakes, but the card is the part that people can keep as a memory after the party.  The only problem is trying to get out to the shops, often at the last minute, scrambling to find just the right card for a variety of occasions. Well, that was the problem, until I came across The Gallery Collection’s Assortment Boxes of cards – The Life Saver!

The assortment boxes allow me to keep an array of cards handy for a variety of occasions. So every time someone has a birthday or an anniversary I already have a beautiful card at my desk that just needs signing! It has definitely made my mornings less stressful. The great thing about these assortment boxes is that they contain a great selection. You can get a Birthday box with different types of cards, some perfect for your best friend but also some that are a bit more serious so you can also commemorate your boss’s birthday. My favorites are the All Occasion boxes because I’m covered for everything. They include cards for anniversaries, when congratulations are in order, and even for more somber occasions when a sympathy or get well card can really make a co-worker feel like they have people who are thinking about them in difficult times.

8 thoughts on “Assortment Boxes of Cards – The Life Saver”

  1. I’ve been ordering the assortment boxes for awhile now. The cards are extremely high quality and they are nicer than what you’d get in a store, plus the price is a bargain when you buy them like this.

  2. Truly a life saver for me. I always forget to pick up cards when I am out. I keep assortment boxes at my desk so I never find myself in a jam. The assortment boxes are just as nice as the custom cards I order.

  3. You can’t go wrong with an all-occasion assortment box!! I keep one in the office and at home.

  4. Does anyone out there do what I used to do – buy cards early and then forget where you put them, so you have to run out & get another card? No more. I bought one assortment box for work and one for home; the one at home sits out on my desk where all the bills are waiting for me and my husband. It’s a great investment and priced right, too. A Lifesaver for sure.

  5. Assortment boxes are a great time saver. I always place a few orders for them throughout the year. Well worth it!

  6. great idea to keep these in the office. sometimes events pop up that you don’t remember. will have to order a few boxes for my business!

  7. My wife got tired of getting cards for me every time I needed one for the office. She’s the one who finally gave me the assortment box to stash in my desk. The other guys are a little peeved that I’m always ready with a card so I told them my secret. I’m pretty sure they’re going to follow my example and get their own assortment boxes now.

  8. I love the assortment box 2 it is the perfect collection of cards and the most gorgeous in my opinion. I love the fine art notecards too ( blank ) I use them exactly like the assortment box set. I wish they would add one more card to make them all in sets of 3, but it is one of my favs.

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