51 thoughts on “11th Annual Create a Greeting Card Scholarship Contest – Round 1 Winners Announced!”

  1. Every year I come across this contest. The applicants are beyond impressive with their talent and creativity. What a truly wonderful scholarship!

  2. I had to zoom in on that one of the pine trees. It really grabbed my eye. What a pretty card it would make!

  3. This scholarship is a good program for students. The cost of college is astronomical. What a huge help this money would be for a lucky applicant.

  4. I am drawn most to the pine trees on the white background. It is very serene and well done.

  5. What a cute puppy on that one RoundOne Winner card! That would be a great surprise indeed.

  6. The pine trees have a dream-like quality, very peaceful. A change from in your face red & green!

  7. From the looks of this first round, there ought to be lots of really good art submitted before the end of the contest. Looking good!

  8. Is that a photograph, the trees by a lake? Very pretty. I’d like that for a sympathy card, or just a note card.

  9. You’re off to a very good start. Let’s hope a lot more potential winners come through once school starts and the art teachers encourage the students to enter.

  10. So cute – that squirrel is going to bury an ornament instead of an acorn. He’ll be disappointed in January when he’s hungry!

  11. It’s wonderful, what your company does for students. The $10,000 is a huge benefit to the winner.
    I noticed you also produce cards from finalist designs. I’d be thrilled if I had a card in your catalog.

  12. Who can resist that cute pup under the tree? There’s a lot more talent in the schools, I’m sure. It’s rewarding when your talent is appreciated.

  13. Very nice entries. I’m encouraging my daughter to design a card because she is an art student and she could really use that scholarship award money.

  14. I look forward to seeing these cards every year. I’m so glad your company does this. The winning card for 2016 is just perfect! A nostalgic country scene, complete with barn and sleigh. I can’t wait to send out these cards.

  15. Congratulations to the Round 1 winners! I’ll be watching all the rounds and voting for my favorites. Good Luck everyone.

  16. Art was always so hard for me when I was in school so I appreciate all the hard work that goes into the art for the contest. I’m glad the winner and some finalists have the pleasure of seeing their artwork produced.

  17. The entries are stunning each and every year. It is too bad they can’t all be turned into a card because they are impressive and it appears so much time and effort went into the art.

  18. I think your company is wonderful for sponsoring this contest each year. The students are very creative.
    I wish I was still in college so I could enter!

  19. The picture of the pines in the mist is a pretty design. Instead of the bright red & green we’re so used to at Christmas, this has a peaceful feeling.

  20. I hope these talented students keep up their love of art, win or lose in the contest. I wish them all good luck!

  21. Turning a year older? Let’s have some humor. That crazy, tilted cake is a little bit of dark humor!

  22. It’s hard to tell – is that the capitol in the background in that photo? It’s a pretty picture.

  23. The finalists are so good. I’m looking forward to all the rounds and all the creative art.

  24. My favorite is the lady in the yellow dress with the balloons afloat. Great job to all participants.

  25. Everybody has a favorite, I’m sure. I can’t decide between the cute little puppy under the tree and the comical squirrel hanging on to the shiny ornament as if it were a huge acorn! I’m looking forward to seeing the next round of finalists.

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