15 thoughts on “11th Annual Create a Greeting Card Scholarship Contest – Round 6 Winners Announced!”

  1. Thank you to everyone who voted for my drawing #1759! I am very excited to see it make top ten!

  2. I’m happy for those selected, but you guys should really reconsider changing the way you host this contest. I understand the way the contest is set up to increase exposure for your site, but there were some incredible pieces in this round that weren’t selected just because they didn’t get enough likes. Please reconsider restructuring this contest in the future, and allow the opportunity for artists to actually have a chance and be judged on creativity, and not popularity. Art shouldn’t be a popularity contest. Not everyone has thousands of friends who can vote for them. Create the contest so that you can gain the exposure desired for your business, whilst still giving the artists a fair shot at the scholarship.

  3. I love the “snowman” made out of sand! There are a lot of us in the south and near the beach who would appreciate that kind of holiday design.

  4. What an artistic design you have with those beautiful parrots. If you make the card can the artist use lots of colors?

  5. The Thank You card with the parrots is a winner. Is it pen & ink? That would be a nice, artistic touch-a black& white design. It shows very fine workmanship and attention to detail.

  6. That Sandman is cool. Shows a bit of creativity and humor. Lots of us run to the sun for the holidays to escape the cold weather.

  7. I love the soft feel of 1694 – the deer and the greenery all have a warmth that is very appealing!

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