10 thoughts on “11th Annual Create a Greeting Card Scholarship Contest – Round 7 Winners Announced!”

  1. Great choices… such talented artists! I can certainly see a couple of those on an actual greeting card. 🙂

  2. What a stunning scene with those four deer in the forest! That is a nod to nature. Very good work.

  3. My family would like the deer in the forest card if that’s the winner. We like nature scenes and this one is peaceful, perfect for Christmas.

  4. That’s such a cute picture, the little fawn staring up at the star on the top of the fir tree. I like to see a card with a winter scene that includes the meaning of Christmas.

  5. My favorites so far are 2171, 2008 and 1846. It’s refreshing to see that there are so many young talented artists out there!

  6. Entry 2054 shows beautiful artistic talent. I hope this person goes far in the creative arts. A good choice for the winner.

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