17 thoughts on “12th Annual Create a Greeting Card Scholarship Contest – Round 1 Finalists Announced!”

  1. Sunset, or is it sunrise, on the water makes me want to go fishing, for sure. Nothing beats a fresh trout cooked over a fire!

  2. That sweet little bunny would be perfect for a child’s get well card. You should have a box of animal cards for kids- I bet teachers would love that.

  3. My vote goes to the hitting the ski slopes card. That’s my favorite way to spend a winter weekend.

  4. With all the cupcake cards this card with the sundae is a nice change. Ice cream & birthdays are a win, win!

  5. My vote is for the rabbit. That’s perfect for Easter and the tulips are another sign of spring.

  6. Voting is so hard. There’s always more than one that I like. And I feel bad for the artist that doesn’t make it.

  7. I just LOVE # 251 with the adorable bunny and flowers. This would make a great birthday card in my opinion, or left blank on the front, it could be used for Mother’s Day too. Kudos to the artist!

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