Corporate Greeting Cards with a Treat for your Customers

If you are a small business owner, you may have asked yourself some of these questions about business greeting cards: Why send corporate greeting cards? Is it really worth the effort? What is the return on my investment in business greeting cards? Now we are getting to the bottom line. If you spend money on greeting cards for business, will it generate business? The answer is yes.

In my hometown, there are two bakeries, each in business for more than 20 years. A new bakery opened up last year, but sadly, is now closed. Residents and shoppers knew that a bakery closed, but which one? One of the established bakeries sent customized greeting cards in December to everyone on their mailing list to wish them happy holidays, and offered a free cupcake just for bringing in the card.

For a relatively small investment in business greeting cards and delicious cupcakes, the bakery attracted customers who purchased baked goods, more than paying for the promotional event. And, the bakery had a useful measure of the effectiveness of sending the greeting cards for their business.

When you thank your customers or remember their special occasions with business greeting cards, you are reminding them that you are in business. That can be very important these days when, unfortunately, many small businesses have not survived. Business greeting cards are one of the most cost-effective ways to connect with your customers on a regular basis.

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