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Greeting Cards Highlight – Photo Mount Cards

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I absolutely love what Gallery Collection is doing with photos; how do they come up with all of these ideas? Photo mount cards are actual photos mounted on card stock with the photo framed in foil. I am totally going this way for my holiday cards this year but I have to narrow down from […]

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My husband’s financial management company lets him know that his business and loyalty are appreciated by sending him handsome business greeting cards every year for the holidays. His personal advisor usually adds a note and hand signs it above the company’s logo. They always wish him all things good for the coming New Year and […]


This year marks my 10th anniversary here at The Gallery Collection. TEN YEARS! As the wonderfully-emotive actor Keanu Reeves might say: “Whoa.” I almost can’t believe it. Where did the time go? I was completely unfamiliar with the world of corporate greeting cards when I first started working at this company. Maybe I occasionally saw […]

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Several years ago my sister, Barbara, started a public relations business and when ordering her business cards and letterhead, I suggested she might want to order some corporate greeting cards as well. Why not start off with some business thank you cards and birthday cards. I felt that people would appreciate the personal touch, and […]

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If you are a small business owner, you may have asked yourself some of these questions about business greeting cards: Why send corporate greeting cards? Is it really worth the effort? What is the return on my investment in business greeting cards? Now we are getting to the bottom line. If you spend money on […]

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