Greeting Cards Highlight – Photo Mount Cards

I absolutely love what Gallery Collection is doing with photos; how do they come up with all of these ideas? Photo mount cards are actual photos mounted on card stock with the photo framed in foil. I am totally going this way for my holiday cards this year but I have to narrow down from these:

Holiday Hearth Card
Holiday Hearth Card – Design 86GCW


Holiday Hearth (86GCW) – This photo card is so cozy looking it is a definite contender for this year’s card. Love the black stock; very dramatic.

Miami Skyline (76CCW) – I run a business out of Miami so this would be great to send because the sky really does look like this. Wonder if it would make my Northern client jealous! I could use it as a Thank You card instead.

Glowing Holiday Pines (73MCS) – Ideal is the thought that comes to mind when I look at this card, talk about Silent Night, you can almost hear the hush of the snowflakes falling.

Autumn Vignette (73SCX) – Maybe a Thanksgiving photo card instead of a Holiday photo card? A Thanksgiving card will hang much longer than a Christmas card and will be the first to arrive!

Holiday Penguin Trio (76SCX) – I have never done cute before so maybe this year I can break the ice with these adorable penguins.

Well I narrowed down to four holiday and I definitely want the Miami scene for an All Occasion card, I just won’t put a greeting on the inside so I can use for any thing I like. I want to hurry and make my decision while I can still get great discounts!


Gain the Competitive Edge with Business Greeting Cards

My husband’s financial management company lets him know that his business and loyalty are appreciated by sending him handsome business greeting cards every year for the holidays. His personal advisor usually adds a note and hand signs it above the company’s logo. They always wish him all things good for the coming New Year and when he receives it, the gesture reminds him that he is thought of and valued.

Law firms and insurance companies, accountants, banks and credit unions along with medical practices, hospitals and others in the health care field can all reach out to their clients and patients in a simple, inexpensive but thoughtful way. Besides using them for the holidays, greeting cards for business can be sent for birthdays and anniversaries. They can be used to offer sympathy or get well wishes, as well as to convey congratulations or a special thank you.

Sending greeting cards is a great way for small businesses to show appreciation to existing customers or appeal to potential ones. Landscapers, auto mechanics, spas and beauty salons, real estate professionals, tradesmen and suppliers can all use custom greeting cards to stay in touch with those who are important to the success of their business.

Restaurants, retailers and service industries can all keep their name in front of the public as well as make special promotional offers to their regular patrons. Schools, colleges and universities can use them to stay in contact with their students, alumni and supporters. Greeting cards for business can strengthen ties and bolster good will.

I’m sure you can think of several ways you could use them to maintain or grow your client base, or to promote your new or existing business. Today’s economy requires special measures and extra effort to gain the competitive edge. Business greeting cards are a proven tool of success for companies of all sizes.

Passing the Time with Corporate Greeting Cards

This year marks my 10th anniversary here at The Gallery Collection. TEN YEARS! As the wonderfully-emotive actor Keanu Reeves might say: “Whoa.” I almost can’t believe it. Where did the time go? I was completely unfamiliar with the world of corporate greeting cards when I first started working at this company. Maybe I occasionally saw them at my dad’s office or displayed at restaurants or other businesses during the holidays, when companies often extend seasonal greetings to one another. But c’mon, how complicated could greeting cards be? You pick out a nice design, sign your name, address the envelope, and throw it in the mail, right? Oh, little did I know.

So my transition from the comfy bubble of college into “the real world” started with learning the ins and outs of greeting cards for business. To follow the path of greeting cards is to experience a veritable potpourri of artistry, skill, and action. Artists are commissioned to create original greeting card designs and a team of vendors helps manufacture the cards; catalogs are printed and our products are marketed to potential customers; orders are processed, printed, and shipped. Of course, there are many pieces throughout that must come together to make this operation successful. Each stop on the way is full of details to consider, challenges to tackle, and decisions to be made.

Corporate greeting cards have complexities not only behind-the-scenes, but also on the “public” side when assisting customers. Many customization options are available when ordering cards. Customers are able to choose from a wide variety of greeting cards for all occasions and personalize them in different ways by choosing the printing color, writing their own greetings, or even having their company logos printed or signatures reproduced inside of the cards. The possibilities are endless.

I could likely spend my entire career in the greeting card industry and still not know everything. This has been my only job since graduating from college and quite a learning experience so far. And let me again express disbelief that my company anniversary also means that I graduated from college ten years ago! “Whoa.”

Maintaining a Loyal Client Base with Corporate Greeting Cards

Several years ago my sister, Barbara, started a public relations business and when ordering her business cards and letterhead, I suggested she might want to order some corporate greeting cards as well. Why not start off with some business thank you cards and birthday cards. I felt that people would appreciate the personal touch, and greeting cards for business are professional enough to say I’m thinking of you and wishing you well without coming across as too sappy. They’re a soft sell that maintains contact with a client and reminds him that you are available if needed.

Barbara started sending out corporate greeting cards from the onset of her business with a positive and professional outlook. The greeting cards she ordered are tasteful and generic enough to send to either male or female clients, and they are equally well received by all. She sends out birthday cards, anniversary cards, get well cards, and of course, thank you cards. Her clients have often told her that they appreciate her thoughtfulness and feel that she puts more attention to their needs because she always remembers the important events in their lives.

Barbara has maintained all the pertinent information needed to send out these greeting cards for business and prides herself with never forgetting a client’s birthday. She never forgets to send a thank you for any business they may send her way. Barbara has built a very successful company aided by her sending corporate greeting cards. Why do you suppose she can’t remember to send me a birthday card?

Corporate Greeting Cards with a Treat for your Customers

If you are a small business owner, you may have asked yourself some of these questions about business greeting cards: Why send corporate greeting cards? Is it really worth the effort? What is the return on my investment in business greeting cards? Now we are getting to the bottom line. If you spend money on greeting cards for business, will it generate business? The answer is yes.

In my hometown, there are two bakeries, each in business for more than 20 years. A new bakery opened up last year, but sadly, is now closed. Residents and shoppers knew that a bakery closed, but which one? One of the established bakeries sent customized greeting cards in December to everyone on their mailing list to wish them happy holidays, and offered a free cupcake just for bringing in the card.

For a relatively small investment in business greeting cards and delicious cupcakes, the bakery attracted customers who purchased baked goods, more than paying for the promotional event. And, the bakery had a useful measure of the effectiveness of sending the greeting cards for their business.

When you thank your customers or remember their special occasions with business greeting cards, you are reminding them that you are in business. That can be very important these days when, unfortunately, many small businesses have not survived. Business greeting cards are one of the most cost-effective ways to connect with your customers on a regular basis.