What are Gallery Letterpress with Photo Affixed Cards?

Are you looking for an eye catching card with an elegant flair to share with your customers, family, friends, etc?  The Gallery Letterpress with Photo Affixed Cards are there to fill your needs.  Whether it is for holidays, birthdays, or just blank inside, a card like this is not just like sending a simple card but an elaborate present.  Let’s break it down.

What is the definition of letterpress?  This is an upgraded form of printing that requires the use of a printing press.  Many think of the printing press of an “old fashioned antiquated” way of doing things.  I say, “If you want it right, do it the way it has been done for ages.”  A worker uses movable type setting it up in the press.  The next step requires applying the appropriate color ink or foil.  Lastly, the worker presses paper against the press in order to transfer the ink from the type.  This will create an impression on the paper leaving a remarkable imprinted greeting.  That is just the first part of these wonderful Gallery Letterpress Photo Affixed Cards.

Now, let’s address the photo affixed part of the equation.  Talk about a thing of beauty.  Affixing is the act of attaching one item to another.  The Gallery Collection finds beautiful pictures from landmarks, holiday themed items, or birthday themed items and affixes them to the outside of a one of there high quality cards.  It gives every card a magnificent look that stands out from all other cards.  Besides sharing these wonderful photos on the card, the person receiving the card can eventually frame this photo and display it for all to see.

When you send a Gallery Letterpress with Photo Affixed Cards, you are not only sending well wishes, but you are also sending the recipient a gift.  This type of card is a remembrance of you to last long after the special occasion has passed.

4 thoughts on “What are Gallery Letterpress with Photo Affixed Cards?”

  1. I just got some samples in the mail and these cards are so pretty and rich looking. Definitely worth getting and giving. I also like the idea of maybe framing one for the guest room.

  2. thanks for explaining! wasn’t quite sure what these cards were as i’ve never ordered them. might be nice to get these when i order for the holidays – change it up from what i usually select!

  3. I also received samples of some of these cards and they are really nice! I came across a few I like for my company’s Christmas cards this year and I look forward to ordering them.

  4. I love the idea of framing the photo afterwards. I enjoy viewing photos of landscapes. I never thought of framing them myself. Hmm.

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