Why You Should Have a Sympathy Card Assortment Box

It is an unfortunate, but inevitable part of life. Bad things happen, people get sick, loved ones pass on. While nothing can take away the pain and sorrow of these times, an expression of sympathy can help ease the hurt, even if just by a little.

I myself lost a parent in the last year, and I certainly received my share of sympathy cards in the following weeks. And I can tell you that each one of them help make me feel just a little bit better, and were very much appreciated at the time. I still remember the people who sent them, even months later.

In companies, especially large ones, you are bound to come across someone who is going through sad times. Perhaps a coworker, boss, customer or even a supplier could be one these people. By having a sympathy card assortment box handy, you can know you will always have the right card available to show your concern.

Our sympathy card assortment box contains 35 high quality, beautiful cards. Inside each card is a thoughtful, appropriate sentiment to express your sympathy in just the right way. The box also includes 35 seal fast envelopes to make sealing them as easy as peeling off a strip. So remember, it may be a small gesture, but it will go a long way.

6 thoughts on “Why You Should Have a Sympathy Card Assortment Box”

  1. I bought the Sympathy Boxes from GalleryCollection and I use these cards all the time. Great to have on hand when you receive unfortunate news.

  2. We keep a few sympathy assortment boxes on hand in my office. I like to make sure a card is sent out right away and it helps to have a supply ready. The assortment boxes are a huge life-saver!

  3. I agree that having Sympathy cards at hand is a good idea-I hate to say but it is one sad side of getting older. Gallery Collection cards are the nicest even down to the envelope and I think sending quality speaks volumes.

  4. A sympathy assortment box is great to have on hand. When you are faced with an unfortunate event, like a loss, you will have a card on hand so you can send it out in a timely manner, which is so very important.

  5. I agree that assortment boxes are a life saver. Most of the people in our lives often experience loss with little advance notice. And if you intend to make the wake and/or funeral, it saves time not to have to run to the store for a card to boot.

  6. Ordering assortment boxes are simple, and they ship much faster than personalized cards. Sympathy cards definitely show that you care.

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