Sending Belated Birthday Cards: We’ve All Been There!

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My best friend who recently moved to Florida forgot my birthday! I could not believe it, I was really surprised. We have been friends for years and we even mentioned it a few times in the past month while we were on the phone. I had been making plans to get away from it all with my husband for a long weekend ,and she even gave me some ideas of where to go and a plan for what to do there. When the day came and there was no birthday card in the mail, I was surprised!

This was the day we were leaving, so I forgot about it and off we went on our trip. Understanding that these days, we are all very busy all the time. We’ve all been there, sending a belated birthday card with a special note or an old picture and a joke about being late can make all the difference in the world. She wrote about how long our friendship has existed and that even though she didn’t get the birthday card to me on time, she has always cherished my friendship and cannot wait until we actually get together again in the next few months at her place in the sun and laugh about all the things we have forgotten lately!

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Monica May 14, 2020 at 10:03 am

Late! Happens to me all the time, an old picture is a great addition.

Terry June 1, 2020 at 8:15 pm

So happy I stumbled upon this – these cards are beautiful! Thanks for the laugh, Evangeline, the last line was adorable and relatable. 🙂

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