A Year of Greeting Card Feats

2007 is almost over, and what a spectacular year it’s been! Our cards have been a part of some amazing feats. Back in July we officially went green with our announcement of windpower greeting cards; in September we put in place our first annual Create a Greeting Card Scholarship Contest; last month we donated 280,000 holiday cards to Soldiers’ Angels for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan; and within the last two weeks our cards were inadvertently featured on network television. Designs 491CS, 684CX, 676CX, and 678CX were used as background props on CBS’s Guiding Light, and this past Tuesday, design 320CX (Golden Nativity Religious Holiday Card) was shown on ABC’s Live with Regis and Kelly. Here is the video clip:

The design is a part of our Religious Christmas cards, which invoke the true meaning of Christmas for those looking to express a spiritual message in their holiday greetings. The card shown on Live with Regis and Kelly was actually imprinted and signed by The Amazing Kreskin! I’m not sure if The Amazing Kreskin could’ve predicted what a spectacular year we were going to have, but I’m hoping that next year will be just as exciting (if not better) than 2007.

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