Creating Personalized Holiday Cards for Christmas

At first, when the idea of creating personalized holiday cards came up, I was somewhat skeptical about wanting to purchase them for a couple reasons. I thought they might be overly expensive and the people that you send them to would not really appreciate the fact that you went out of your way to personalize them. BUT after careful thought I finally just gave in and purchased some so that I can actually see the type of reaction I would get back from those who I sent them to. And to my surprise the reaction was great! I received nothing but all positive feed back; “I love them,” “this is great!” and “this was the best card I have gotten.” So I guess in the end you really will not know your peers responses until you take the risk and see.

Now, when it comes to Season’s Greetings cards, I have always been a little bit more reluctant to purchase these as appose to other greeting cards during this time of year. The reason for this is due to the fact that there are people from all walks of life, all nationalities and religions. Therefore to buy a mass quantity of cards for your friends and family, your best bet would be to buy holiday cards that are just merely season’s greetings cards. Some people do not celebrate Christmas but may celebrate Hanukah, or there might be some people that may not celebrate Hanukah but may celebrate Christmas, or there even might be some people who you talk to that do not celebrate either and may just look forward to the New Year, you never know. So personalizing season’s greetings cards would be the best bet to satisfy everyone. Keeping the card general shows you are sensitive to their religion or creed but that you still care. You cannot go wrong.

4 thoughts on “Creating Personalized Holiday Cards for Christmas”

  1. Like you, the first time i sent cards I didn’t think people would apreciate the great quality of The Gallery’s collection. I was surprised to hear from so many people that the cards i sent were the nicest ones they recived. So now I don’t order anywhere else but from The Gallery. i even order my birthday cards from them.

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