The Three Little Elves That Loved Personalized Holiday Cards!

Every year I usually just stress myself out with trying to get all three of my children to sit for the perfect holiday card to send to friends and family. This year I decided that they are all at an age were they can sign their own names and make it more personal. I wanted personalized holiday cards without the stress of getting the perfect portrait. So I searched the web looking for the “perfect card.” I came across The Gallery Collection late one night since that is the only time I get access to the laptop. The next day I called and had them send me a few samples. I wasn’t expecting much, because it’s only a greeting card, right? Boy was I wrong! One of the samples that I received was of Design 077CX – Cheerful Greetings Card. The excitement I felt of seeing the three elves on the card reminded me of my children. I knew instantly that was our card this season. The next day, I instantly called and placed my order for our cards. The woman I spoke to was so patient and helpful. When we got to the personalization she asked what I wanted. I explained that I was planning on having the whole family sign the cards. She pointed out something I did not even think of – children usually do not want to sit and sign all of those cards. So she told me that they can put all of our signatures on the cards for us. A couple of weeks later my cards arrived and they were breathtaking.

In my excitement to order my holiday cards, I happened to make my order a few short of my Christmas card list. Since I was so pleased with my first choice, I decided to mix it up and order a different design. I went back to the website to browse some more, and I have to say I’ve become quite addicted to this site! I soon found another card, Design 727CW – Purrfect Packages Christmas Card and called again and placed a second order. When my second order arrived I was just as amazed as I was with the first initial order. They were even able to reuse our signatures! The whole family fell in love with our Christmas cards. They even helped stash them in the envelopes and place the stamps on. Sending our cards was stress free this year and I owe it all to The Gallery Collection.

4 thoughts on “The Three Little Elves That Loved Personalized Holiday Cards!”

  1. Tia – it won’t end there. I went through pretty much the same thing – placed one Christmas card order after the other. Then I found Thank you cards on this site so I ordered them. Then i found birthday cards and ordered them as well. I’d like to see Easter cards ion the site but I guess I can always make my own – they do have photo cards.

  2. I ordered design 727 – Purrfect Packages. I have 3 cats and they look exactly like the cats on the card – well at least 2 of them do. My cats love to play with boxes and bags so this is the perfect card for me to send.

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