My Holiday Greeting Cards Dilemma – Imprint or Hand Sign?

Some things were just simpler when I was single – I knew everyone I was sending holiday greeting cards to and could just take care of writing and addressing them when it suited me. I have traditionally hand signed my annual cards and very often – depending on the recipient – added a personal note. I didn’t have to consult anyone when picking out a design or deciding on the greeting for the inside. Some years I wanted a winter scene or snowflakes while other years I’d gravitate towards one with a beautiful ornament – a personal favorite of mine. With so many gorgeous cards to pick from, it’s always a challenge to choose just the right one.

You’ll notice the overabundance of “I” so far?   Well up until last year, I only had to consider “I”.  Now that I’ve been fortunate enough to find the most perfect-absolutely-fabulous man in the world and was smart enough to marry him, many, many things have changed.  While some adjustments are obvious, some are less so.  All of a sudden my (now our) mailing list just about doubled in size.  The chosen design has to represent both of us – no longer just me.  We also have to agree on the greeting and of course, how do we deal with who signs which cards?

Luckily, friends of ours (also recently married) made a great suggestion which eliminated this problem. Over a leisurely lunch, laptops at the ready, we were able to agree on our first design together along with which greeting we wanted to send to our friends and families.  Now for “who’s going to sign them?”  Imprinted holiday cards solved this for us.  We had both of our names and a short message printed at the bottom of the cards and there was still plenty of room if either of us wanted to handwrite something.  They looked great and our problem was solved.  We also decided to include our new address on the flap of the envelope so everyone would have it.   As a couple, we were really happy with the cards we sent out and intend to do it again this year.

4 thoughts on “My Holiday Greeting Cards Dilemma – Imprint or Hand Sign?”

  1. Imprint or Hand Sign? I say both! I like the professionalism of the company name imprinted on the cards in Gold Foil…and I like to add a brief note of “Best Wishes” and my signature to as many cards as I can!

  2. My mom has this dilemma every year. She receives her cards imprinted but then she also hand-signs them! So, I agree with Harry – do both if you’re concerned about someone not thinking your cards are “personal” enough!

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