Sending Corporate Holiday Cards Is Just Good Business!

There are a number of good reasons I send corporate holiday cards to my customers. The rationale is simple; it’s good business. I use them to impress my customers with the fact that I truly appreciate working with them and working for them. At a time of year that’s all about goodwill, sending a card is a great way to connect with the VIP’s of our business…the customers. Christmas cards work for me, but for bigger companies with a more diverse customer list the solution is easy; go with more general holiday cards.

The biggest problem I have is selecting a card! But it’s time well spent, because there’s only one thing better than sending the card, and that’s sending a card that really gets noticed. I get compliments on the cards I send every year; how stunning they are, how original, nostalgic, sophisticated, etc. What started out as a sincere effort to say “thanks” turned into an amazing marketing tool. It’s a  real win-win proposition.

I’m usually pretty traditional with my selections, but this year I might go out on a limb. I’ve been looking at a couple Christmas cards for business on black paper. With bright gold, green and red foils they’re really attractive and classy. They caught my eye right away, and I’m thinking they might be just the right touch this year!

3 thoughts on “Sending Corporate Holiday Cards Is Just Good Business!”

  1. Sending holiday cards is the easiest and most inexpensive form of advertising. My company sends cards every year and it is totally worth it. Plus, it makes people happy too!

  2. I totally agree sending corporate holiday cards is definitely good business. Not only is it a nice sentiment but it also gives you the opportunity to touch base with a customer or a vendor who you haven’t interacted with in a while.

  3. oh, I do hope you chose the foil card on black paper! those really stand out from the usual white cards.

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