Corporate Congratulations Cards Reward Special Effort

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My brother’s company has a terrific tradition each month of choosing a “Star Employee” and then surprising him or her with special corporate Congratulations cards. Even though the company’s name is printed at the bottom of the cards, the boss usually writes a note and hand signs one of the cards, which makes it a little more special. Who doesn’t like recognition and approval?

This smart company rewards its employees for their achievements while cleverly encouraging them to work smarter and be even more productive. It’s a very positive way to applaud accomplishments and promote success.

At any time throughout the year, beautiful congratulations cards are also handed out for special recognition – such as for someone surpassing their goal or successfully completing an extensive project. People know when they’re appreciated and respected and usually respond by being even better employees.

However…when you’re named a “Star,” it’s not just about the greeting cards that you receive! Inside the cheerful, high quality congratulations cards you always find something special. It’s often a gift certificate for lunch to a popular restaurant that’s close to work. Sometimes it’s a pair of tickets to a movie. Not enough to make anyone else overly jealous…just something extra to let you (and everyone else) know that you’ve done a good job and that you’re valued.

Every employee looks forward to finding out who gets the “Star” cards each month and it makes them all a little more conscientious and aware of their efforts. For this success-oriented company, it’s a small, inexpensive incentive that makes a big difference. It’s also one more reason my brother likes working there.

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MarGee August 9, 2009 at 9:28 am

I’d be curious to know if your brother and his co-workers get along or if there is any resentment amongst them. Are they more focused on getting the “reward” than of doing a good job? This sounds like a good idea to suggest to my boss but I don’t want to create any unhealthy competition with my co-workers. We could really use something like this to motivate our staff to be even more productive than they are now.

Elena December 2, 2009 at 7:29 am

Paula, I read your blog a while back and was considering approaching my boss about the idea. While looking at the site, I saw MarGee’s comments and they sort of made me think harder. I would not like to see my coworkers start to become jealous of others that get special gifts. How do others at your brother’s company react to the person getting the special gift? I love the card idea and don’t think that would cause bad feelings but I don’t want to cause dissension in the ranks.

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