An All Occasion Assortment Box is a Lifesaver!

While entertaining one evening with close friends from out of state, in conversation my friend Mary announced, “Well, we’ve all made it, 25 years of marriage.” I suddenly realized it was their wedding anniversary. We were married in the same year, a few months apart and were each others maids of honor at our weddings.

Then it hit me…I had an all occasion greeting cards assortment box in the bedroom. With that, I exclaimed, “Oh! I’ll be right back,” and left the room. I went into the bedroom, retrieved the box of greeting cards from the closet knowing that there were anniversary cards in the box. Miraculously I found a pen, signed the anniversary card, and returned to our guests. I then handed Mary the card. She opened it and remarked how beautiful the card was.

It was beautiful! It had shiny embossed gold and orange balloons with gold confetti streamers and shiny gold letters that said “Happy Anniversary.” I’ve also used the Sympathy cards in the all occasion box of cards when hearing of someone passing or someone’s birthday. It certainly comes in handy, allowing me to immediately send a card. With all our busy lives you would have to work into your schedule a stop at the card store and select a greeting card, but instead I just stop in my bedroom. This box is so convenient!

4 thoughts on “An All Occasion Assortment Box is a Lifesaver!”

  1. This story helped make my decision of purchasing an assortment box easy! I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the extra money but this story sure hits home! I’ve been in that awkward position of forgetting someone’s special day a time or two..I can’t wait to get my cards now =)

  2. Yes those assortment boxes I order from the Gallery Collection is a life saver. Someone would come over the house and I would here someone else wish them a Happy Birthday. Then I would run into my bedroom and find one those sparkling birthday cards, sign it, and give it to the person. It always catches them off guard (what a pleasant surprise).

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