Design #899AY- Bursting Congratulations Wishes

Design #899AY- Bursting Congratulations Wishes, is the perfect business congratulations card for when you’d like to compliment someone on that big promotion, tell a co-worker congratulations on a job well done, or surprise a business associate that’s celebrating a monumental anniversary with the company. This attention grabbing design is sure to convey your sentiments exactly.

This stunning card is printed on black matted stock paper inside and out, and the embossed design on the front shows a gold foil box with gold tone on tone slanted stripes that run across the front of the box. Rich foil colored balloons in gold & bright orange burst forth from the box mixing twinkling stars & gold dust in reflective foil amongst the balloons. To top off the grand finale of the design you have the words “Congratulations” in large script font scrolled above the balloons in the same reflective gold foil you see throughout the design.

Design #899AY - Bursting Congratulations Wishes Card
Design #899AY - Bursting Congratulations Wishes

This exquisite congratulations card can easily be used for any business or personal milestone in life. The recipient who opens this card is sure to know how truly appreciated they are!

5 thoughts on “Design #899AY- Bursting Congratulations Wishes”

  1. I love all of the Gallery Collection cards that are printed on dark paper, like this design. This design, in particular, feels elegant and special! The gold offsets so brilliantly against the black stock paper, and the red balloons just make me feel happy! Great job, Gallery Collection!

  2. I’ve ordered many cards from The Gallery, but never a dark stock card. I really like the look of this one. I think my next order will be a card like this. It’s lovely!

  3. This card really stands out – the black card makes everything POP. And signing with a foil pen just looks special

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