Personal Notecards are Personal Indeed

Personal notecards can mean so much more than greeting cards with preprinted sentiments. Notecards enable those sending the greeting cards to truly get personal when expressing messages to recipients.

I had been ill for several months and received many greeting cards from well wishers. I was and am grateful for each and every one of the greeting cards. I wouldn’t want anyone to think that because they were not notecards I didn’t value them. But there’s just something about getting notecards with personally composed sentiments. Some people just have a knack for being able to express their feelings in notecards. They can use their sense of humor or reminisce about a shared memory. My cousin is a person like this.

My cousin and I spent many vacations with our family. During my illness, she would keep me cheered up by sending me notecards and other fun greeting cards, and enclosing pictures of us on the vacations and other family events. The notecards never failed to make me laugh myself out of the blues.

The crowning glory of her notecard sending was when I was declared fit to resume my life. She sent me a notecard with a picture of a naked baby on a bearskin rug. Inside the greeting card she wrote, “I can barely contain my happiness over your full recovery!” Her P.S. was the kicker: “P.S. I have sent this photo & note to everyone in the family.”

Maybe I should reconsider my support of personal notecards!

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