Welcome Cards Put New Employees at Ease

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I was signing some welcome cards for the new staff that would be joining our department the following week. I wanted to make sure I had them ready prior to their actual start day. Remembering how I felt on my first day working at GalleryCollection.com, I recalled how nice it was to have a welcome card waiting for me at my desk. I was very nervous, as you tend to be on your first day at a new job, and I thought the employee welcome cards they hand out signed by fellow staff members added a nice, personal touch.

My first day, which involved quite a bit of training, went extremely well. Everyone was friendly and helpful and I was truly enjoying myself as I learned about the world of greeting cards. I had met so many people that day; I knew I would never remember all of their names! I was carpooling with another staff member that afternoon, so I decided to wait by her desk at the end of the day.

A gentleman was walking through the department saying hello to everyone and asking how their day was going. He had a little twinkle in his eye and a smile that could warm up any room. He paused for a moment at the desk I was sitting in front of and gave me a huge smile. “You must be Lily,” he said. I was slightly taken aback that he knew my name. He shook my hand and I gave him a big smile in return. He welcomed me to the company and introduced himself as the owner of GalleryCollection.com. I had heard he was nice but I honestly didn’t expect such a warm welcome. He knew who I was before I knew who he was! That had never been the case at previous companies I worked for. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to find a job at such a friendly company. I knew right then and there that I would enjoy my new position working with greeting cards.

Since the welcome card I received on my first day made me feel so much more at ease, I try to do the same for new staff members we hire in our department. The employee welcome cards and employee birthday cards we distribute throughout the year are lovely gestures but more importantly, the warm, friendly courteous workplace we offer is really what makes our staff feel comfortable.

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