Working Dads – Tips To Achieve Career And Parenting Success

Juggling both work and parenting can be a very demanding task not only for mommy’s – but for daddy’s as well! Here are some tips to ensure you’re getting an A+ at work while being the best dad you can be.

  1. Schedule time every day to do something with your children. Even if it’s reading them a bed time story or giving them a bath before bed. Writing this down and having a plan can help make it easier. It’s also important to ask your children questions, no matter how little they can be. Kids remember everything, so they’ll remember the times when you’re available and unfortunately when you’re not as well.
  2. Just say no to some work activities. Sometimes there are after-work activities with coworkers you just don’t have to say yes to. Sure, you’ll be missing some funny stories at that happy hour everyone went to, but you’ll catch up with your coworkers next time. Kids grow up too fast to not embrace the present and spend time with them while their young. Trust me, they won’t want to spend time with you once their teenagers!
  3. Sometimes long hours are inevitable. Sometimes we have bosses that make life harder than it should be. It’s up to you to communicate any concerns you have with deadlines and schedules with your superiors. The best bosses are flexible enough to understand you have a life outside of work.

20 thoughts on “Working Dads – Tips To Achieve Career And Parenting Success”

  1. Excellent tips. It is important not to spend all your time in the office. I am lucky that my husband and I bosses who do not force long hours every week.

  2. This is good advice for all dads. Spending quality time with your children is of primary importance to their growth.

  3. Great tips! Growing up my dad always made time to step away from work and play with all of us kids. It didn’t seem like a big gesture at the time, but it’s left a lasting impression that I treasure most.

  4. Work should definitely take second priority to a parent’s children. Especially young kids who aren’t in school yet, that miss their working parent or parents throughout the day. It is vital that working parents schedule down time with their children, because you can always get another job, but you can’t rewind time to spend more time with your kids.

  5. Very important article. Read this one dads! Spending time with the kids and family should be a priority.

  6. I am lucky enough to work at a company that puts family first. They are very understanding and want to make sure we aren’t slaves to a cubicle.

  7. This is tough, especially with people who live in a metro area and have to add in traffic and commute time to get to and from work. I told my husband to try to at least be home for dinner once a week and at least by bed time for our toddler. He has a very demanding position but and we are a young couple learning to prioritize and balance family and professional life.

  8. If taking time away from the office is inevitable, a good way to spend “virtual time” with children and loved ones is Video Chat, such as Skype or Facetime.

  9. I think for any parent it’s all about balancing work and life. Communicating with your employer from the get go and setting limitations is important. Yes work pays the bills but it shouldn’t sacrifice the home life. Priorities should be kept in mind when dedicating time to every aspect of life. Life can be hectic sometimes but as long as were conscious of time spent and lost on other things it makes it easier to put everything else in perspective.

  10. This is very helpful, since I took on two jobs it has definitely been hard managing home and work but I have a lot of help from family. Also texting and snap chat helps me stay close to my kids.

  11. As a working dad articles like this are invaluable, I will be taking the list advice to heart! Thanks

  12. This makes me feel a little emotional. My father was always out to make money for his kids, but we were not very appreciative because it seemed like my mom was always taking care of us. He did not have the most balanced life, but I think this is motivation for me to create a better situation for family I’m going to go give my dad a hug today.

  13. Kids definitely remember their time with you, mine get upset if they don’t have their morning ritual with their dad. Their day is incomplete!

  14. These are very helpful tips. Makes you feel better as a parent to know you’re not the only one going through similar situations. Setting time apart for your children will make them feel very special even when they miss you.

  15. Having dinner as a family is very important. Make it a time for NO electronics – no tv, no phones! Engaging in conversation with your kids (or each other). Its a great time to catch up on their day, gage their state of mind- whats going on in school with their friends etc. If you start this early it wont feel like a chore to them when they are teenagers. My kids are all grown and we still make time for family dinners.

  16. I think the hardest thing for any parent, male or female, to remember is to have patience. Siblings can act up as the day wears on. Take a deep breath before you react! Bath time is great for calming kids down before bedtime.

  17. Work life balance is very important. I like the content on scheduling time. I find myself knocking out the to-do list so the rest of my time is care free.

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