Exercise Plan For The Office

Think you can’t make time to exercise at work? Well, think again. Turns out the average American will spend over 90,000 hours working in their lifetime! So, spend those hours wisely and implement this fool-proof exercise plan for the office:


  1. Healthy begins as a mindset. Write a list of your fitness and nutrition goals and pin it up in a visible spot at your desk or office space. Try to remind yourself of these objectives by reading through them at the start and end of each day.
  2. Get moving! Organize daily walking trips around the office grounds with your co-workers during lunch and break times. If you have a park or walking track nearby, even better! As you progress, incorporate ankle or hand weights for an added challenge and maximum calorie burn.
  3. Snack smart. Bringing healthy food from home is easier on your wallet and can boost concentration and energy levels. Here are some quick and easy snack ideas: hardboiled eggs or cheese with whole wheat crackers, apples and peanut butter, veggies and hummus or low-fat dressing and trail-mix/dried fruit with plain, low-fat yogurt.
  4. Stay hydrated. Did you know that people often mistake dehydration for hunger? Before reaching for that bag of chips, drink at least 8oz. of water. You’ll feel better and more satisfied after a few minutes, guaranteed!
  5. Stairs are not just for fire-drills anymore! If you work in a multi-story building, challenge yourself by walking to your destination whenever possible instead of using the elevator. Climbing just a few flights each day can build endurance and promote stress-relief.

Changing little habits can produce big results when done consistently. While these tips alone don’t guarantee you a six-pack, this simple but effective exercise plan for the office might just kick-start a lifestyle transformation for you and your co-workers!

5 thoughts on “Exercise Plan For The Office”

  1. Great tips Nala! You’re right, I need to get my mind right first, then everything else will fall in place. I am going to try to apply this exercise plan for the office tips to my work schedule this upcoming week. Wish me luck!

  2. I can’t wait to try some of your tips at work! I sit behind a desk all day so this is definitely something I needed to see.

  3. I wish I could say I walked up the stairs to work every day.. I do take them down though! Does that count??

  4. 90,000 hours? Sounds awful when you put it that way!

    I usually try and get in a walk during lunch to get fresh air and exercise. Definitely helps!

  5. Stairs are difficult for me now that I’m getting up in years, but I definitely try to stay healthy with drinking water and eating more veggie and fruit snacks between meals. Every little bit does help!

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