Quick Exercises You Can Do At Work

Simply sitting at a desk all day shouldn’t be a reason to lose yourself, physically, mentally, or emotionally. Exercise plays a part in everyone’s life, just in different ways. So here are some quick Exercises You Can Do at Work.


The following exercise is best for sitting; Calf crunches, at your desk place your legs hip width apart and simply tip toe for 3 seconds, then release, placing your foot flat on the floor for 3 seconds. After doing 3 second intervals 10 times, you then decrease your count to 2 seconds up and down 20 times. Finally, your last set you will be tip toeing for 1 second both up and down 30 times.

Another quick Exercise You Can Do at Work is to walk on your break. Take a walk around your facility instead of having a seat in the break room. This will keep your metabolism going and may deter you from eating such a heavy lunch. Once you get comfortable with your walk, time yourself. Each day try your best to beat your last time. Here’s another tip for preventing additional weight gain while working behind that desk.

If you are sure to eat a complete breakfast between 6:00am and 8:00am you can hold off hunger for until at least 11:00am. Having a morning snack like a piece of fruit or healthy snack bar around that time will decrease your appetite for your 12:30pm break; ultimately you’ll eat less at lunch.

7 thoughts on “Quick Exercises You Can Do At Work”

  1. There are some great tips in this blog. I always keep a 100 calorie bag of nuts or an apple at my desk to munch on to prevent me from gobbling up all the work time goodies.

  2. Walking during your break, or lunch is the easiest way to get in a daily workout, also taking the stairs rather than hopping on the elevator at work is another good form of exercise.

  3. Okay, I’m not trying that. My back would pop! But taking a walk around the office complex, in good weather, that I can do, especially if I can get a few girls to go with me. My metabolism thanks you.

  4. Your suggestions for quick exercises at work are just as good for those of us who work from home. My computer alerts me once an hour to “Get up, get moving!” I stretch a little, hydrate, run out to check for mail. So far I haven’t put my feet up on my desk – I might doze off, but thanks anyway.

  5. I’ve thought about using the stairs instead of the elevator but keep making excuses. You’ve inspired me to bite the bullet & start climbing. I figure, someday I’ll be happy I did!

  6. I’m guilty of not taking the stairs. Going up 8 flights might get me sweaty in the mornings, but going down after work; I have no excuse. Thanks for the inspiration.

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