Animal Holiday Cards – Share your Love of Creatures Great and Small

Have you been sending your friends, family, or clients the same Christmas ornament card every year? Are you looking to send something different that would appeal to the majority of all your important recipients who may or may not celebrate the holidays?

Why not try sending an animal holiday greeting card this year? Almost everyone likes animals so not only is it the perfect way to share your love of creatures, great and small but it’s a great way to appeal to a wide audience.

Horses – Winter Parade Holiday Card
There is something majestic about this card featuring a herd of wild mustangs running through snow. The gold Holiday Greetings foil on the front adds an elegant touch to the card.

Penguins – Happy Holidays Penguins
“Happy Feet” never went out of style because people still love baby penguins. This card is THE penguin card to send during the holiday season, making it one of the most popular animal cards in the gallery.

Cats – Purr-fect Packages Christmas Card
Attention cat lovers: your life is not complete without this holiday cat card. These mischievous cats are popping out of gift boxes with a big grin and you know they are up to no good. This fun and silly card is hilariously cute and entertaining.

Dove – Patriotic Dove Peaceful Holiday Card
Finally, this inspiring Dove Card is patriotic and well-designed. The embossed details of the Dove and the American flag backdrop make this card a great choice to send to your valued business clients, friends, and family.

11 thoughts on “Animal Holiday Cards – Share your Love of Creatures Great and Small”

  1. I have 2 cats and the Purr-fect packages Christmas cards remind me so much of my own kittens. They are very curious and always getting into trouble. I also like dogs. I had 2 when I was a kid and they were naughty and nice.

  2. I love the animal cards too — especially the little bull dogs. But so many dove ones are wonderful also. I love the Peace on Earth and Patriotic lines. I wish they would come up with different assortment boxes with these.

  3. My sister is OBSESSED with penguins and this card is so cute! I know which holiday card she’s getting this year!

  4. I receive many pet cards during the holidays and I can always tell who they are from without even opening the card. One friend sends a photo card with pictures of her pets!

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