Put the Person Back Into Personalized Christmas Cards!

Did you ever get a personalized Christmas card and notice there was nothing too personal about it? It almost seems the once thoughtful tradition of sending a Christmas card has become a thing of the past. If you’re like me, you get the same, predictable cards – some of which aren’t even signed at the bottom! So, when I send my cards out, I make sure to spice each one up with a little something extra to make the recipient feel as though the card was made just for them. And since I only send cards to a few relatives and close friends, it’s easy to figure out what would make them smile a little brighter after opening my card.

First, you should try to choose a design with a common theme that most of your recipients would appreciate. For example, since all of my family and friends are from a big city, I usually try to select a card that has a skyline or city lights. I chose Design #844CX – Sparkling Skyline, two years ago which was a big hit!

Next, personalize the inside to reflect the way you feel during the Christmas season. After all, that card may be the only communication you have with a distant friend or relative for months at a time. I try to include a greeting that reflects my feeling about Christmas and conveys a hopeful message for the New Year. After selecting the greeting, don’t forget to let your recipients know who the lovely cards came from! I always let The Gallery Collection print my name at the bottom – it gives them such a classy finish.

If time allows, add a quick handwritten message. This is a thoughtful way to let people know the card was made just for them. For example, my mom absolutely loves anything having to do with our beloved cat Fleecie who I ended up “adopting” when I got my first apartment after college. So, I’m always sure to jot down a few details on Fleecie’s latest habits of chewing my brand new pair of shoes or finding his way to tip over the catnip jar.

Taking these few extra steps will ensure that your card stands out among all the rest, not to mention your genuine intent of the season will really show through to your recipients. After all, isn’t that what sending Christmas cards is all about?

2 thoughts on “Put the Person Back Into Personalized Christmas Cards!”

  1. A personal card designed to your spec’s is the way to go. Nothing beats what can be done today. I enjoy receiving a picture, this keep’s me close when I’m not able to see someone as often as I would like.

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