Holiday Penguins Card

Top 5 Animal Holiday Cards

I thoroughly enjoy the Holidays, and picking out just the right holiday card seems to start it all off for me. After looking through this year’s extensive selection, I’ve decided to choose from the group of animal holiday cards. As a true animal lover these cards really represent me well, and I’m sure they’ll make all of my friends and family happy this holiday season! Here are my top 5 animal holiday cards!

Holiday Penguins Card
Holiday Penguins Card – Design 89FCW


  • Holiday Penguins (Design 89FCW) – Has an amusing glossy photo of three Emperor Penguins marching to the beat of their own collective drummer. It’s seasonal, humorous and totally delightful. Gold foil printing looks great on the black stock and complements the photo’s gold frame border.
  • Holiday Gathering (Design 78ECW) – They describe this as endearing & it is! Mama & Papa penguin are lovingly watching over their adorable, fluffy chicks. It’s just irresistible. This stock is white so you can print in either ink or foil.
  • Polar Bear Holiday (Design 81GCW) – White on white on white with little black noses. A captivating photo of mama & cubs bordered in gold. I really like the combination of gold printing on black stock. It’s rich and a bit unusual.
  • Holiday in the Park (Design H3ECW) – This is a charmer with a little flock of cheerful red cardinals surrounding a welcoming park bench and an old fashioned lamppost decorated with a holiday wreath. Makes you want to venture out for a nice winter walk.
  • Winter Parade (Design 72ECW) – I like the unexpected and you don’t usually think of wild mustangs when you think of holiday cards! Great action-packed winter scene and a definite stand-out.

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Animal Holiday Cards”

  1. These are great selections, I like the Holiday in the Park the best. The pop of red in the cardinals against the white snow is very eye catching and serene

  2. Thanks for the recommendations. The Holiday Penguins card looks great. I already ordered my holiday cards but maybe I’ll have to consider ordering early for next year after seeing the penguin one….

  3. I personally LOVE the Labs and Bulldogs on the cards. They are wonderful pictures and so adorable. I love all animals, but dogs are truly my favorite. And the Gold foil around the pictures make them so rich.

  4. Of these 5, my favorite is the polar bear and her cubs. I just love to see mothers with their children even in nature.

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