Be a Boy Scout with Sympathy Cards

We all love good old American boy scouts, right? And why is that? Because they are prepared. “Be prepared” is their actual motto. Everyone likes to be prepared. Does anyone ever say, oh I’d prefer to be unprepared for that meeting, no! So if you like to be prepared, why would it be any different when it comes to sympathy cards.

Sympathy Cards

Actually, if you think about it for a moment, different than with birthdays and anniversaries which you know the date of ahead of time, it is extremely rare to know when someone will meet the end of their lifetime. It also is a part of life and inevitable that we will have to express our sympathy to our friends and family as their loved ones pass whether suddenly or of natural causes, at times even while grieving ourselves. So it makes even more sense to make sure that you have sympathy cards on hand so you can use them or mail them out when needed. It is suggested that business sympathy cards especially should be sent within a few days of learning of a person’s passing so that too much time does not go by before you express your condolences. Remember to keep it simple especially if you didn’t know the person too well. You just want to be able to acknowledge their mourning and let the recipient know you are thinking about them.

4 thoughts on “Be a Boy Scout with Sympathy Cards”

  1. A simple note to show that you care placed inside a Sympathy card will always be comforting and appreciated.

  2. Everyone loves the boy scouts! They help out around the town and always clean up after everyone in the parks and playgrounds. They are like free mini butlers that run around and take care of the townspeople. Keep it going boy scouts! Woop Woop!

  3. Sympathy cards are a perfect way to express your condolences to someone close or an acquaitance. Receiving this card will let the person know you were thinking of them and are there for them in this tough time. Especially when you aren’t physically far from these individuals, sending out a sympathy card gets the message accross.

  4. What a beautiful card! I agree that the most important thing is to let the individual know they are in your thoughts.

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