Birthday Cards – Can’t Get Any Easier Than That

I am in charge of sending out our employee birthday cards every month. I try to make my list early in the year and file my list by month. I add to this as needed. Each month I try to corral the managers and supervisors and have each one of them sign each card personally. It isn’t always easy though. It seems like someone is always out of the office when I need them. I was thinking that there must be an easier way.

Birthday Cards

There was also the inconvenience of purchasing the cards and I was having a hard time finding what I wanted at the store, not to mention that it was becoming quite costly. I decided to search the web for a supplier of corporate birthday cards. So I went online and came across The Gallery Collection. There were over 100 birthday designs to choose from. The prices were very reasonable and after looking through all the choices, I finally decided to request a few samples. They were all beautiful, but after much consideration, we decided on two designs. On one set I had our company name imprinted below the greeting. On the other, I decided to have our signatures imprinted, as well. This way we can hand sign and personalize the cards we want. The second design I will use when I just can’t get everyone together to sign. The signatures will already be there. It can’t get much easier than this.

5 thoughts on “Birthday Cards – Can’t Get Any Easier Than That”

  1. Wow! Lisette is one organized worker. I applaud her inventiveness in ordering cards with and without signatures. She is definitely on top of her responsibilities.

  2. Lisette is a most welcome problem solver. By ordering two separate sets of cards in anticipation of not having all the necessary signatures she covered what might have turned into a very precarious situation.

  3. She is very well prepared and organized. Everyone must always have a backup plan, you never know what might happen. It is very special to remember an employees birthday and hall all his coworkers sign as well.

  4. Being organized myself, I love Lisette’s idea of ordering birthday cards for your fellow co-workers! Receiving birthday cards are so special to begin with, but to receive one from your employer is truly a wonderful feeling!

  5. Getting the signatures imprinted –what a time-saver and such a great idea! It must look really nice too, especially in a gold or silver print.

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