Birthday Cards Help an Older Boy Celebrate

They say men aren’t really adults but just older boys who never grow up. I can certainly attest to that, at least when it comes to celebrating a birthday. Having just turned 59 (gasp!) about a month ago, I can tell you that being the birthday boy is still a great feeling. On that big day, it should be all about oneself…and why not? This is the day when I can and should feel that there’s something special going on and not be criticized for feeling that way. I can revel in all of the birthday cards I receive and enjoy all of the attention I get. More importantly, I can feel like a child again without the guilt.

As a perk, some companies give an employee a paid day off on his or her birthday. Where I work, I wouldn’t even think of taking a vacation day on my birthday. My coworkers shower me with cards, good wishes, a cake and a “happy birthday to you” serenade. Even the head honchos of the company come over and offer a birthday handshake along with company birthday cards personally signed by each of them. After the workday is over I head home, where I am again presented with more birthday cards, gifts, a special dinner, more singing and all the attention a birthday boy deserves.

And you know what? I love it all, even at this age, which is why I’m actually looking forward to turning the big 6-0 next year!