Business Birthday Cards to Boost Morale

A fact of life is that we all get older. As much as we like to avoid the aging process, it is inevitable. That being said, as long as we are having a birthday, we may as well celebrate another year of life. We get that from family and friends and it gives us a lift. However, since we spend almost one third of our lives working it is nice to be acknowledged when we are on the job. Business Birthday Cards can be a morale booster.

Imagine being an employee coming to work on their birthday, they are dragging a little with the added year and suddenly they see a card on their desk. They open the birthday card and it’s from the company wishing them a fabulous birthday. Can you see the smile on their face? You have just lifted the spirits of your employee and made them feel appreciated. For you to remember their birthday will increase their morale for longer than just that one day.

Another scenario is business associates. You deal with many people when conducting business. So whether the person is a client or a customer, they will really appreciate you taking the time to send greetings to them on their birthday. It says you care about the people you deal.

Business birthday cards are an asset to any company. They raise the morale of employees which in turn increases their level of commitment to doing a good job. They also increase the probability of having repeat customers. A business that cares – succeeds.

Birthday Greeting Cards Are Special

Birthday cards are a special way to celebrate someone’s birthday. They are a thoughtful and personal gift that shows the recipient that you care about them.

There are many things that make birthday cards so special. First, they are a physical manifestation of your care and appreciation for the recipient. In today’s digital world, it is all too easy to send a quick text message or email to wish someone a happy birthday. However, a birthday card is a tangible object that the recipient can hold onto and cherish for years to come.

Second, birthday cards are a way to show the recipient that you have put thought into their gift. When you take the time to choose and write a birthday card, it shows the recipient that you have taken the time to think about them and what they would like. Even if the card is simple, the gesture is meaningful.

Lastly, birthday cards are a way to create lasting memories. Birthday cards can become cherished keepsakes that the recipient will treasure for years to come. They can look back at the cards and read your messages to reminisce about their special day and all the people who care about them.

3 Easy Business Topic Birthday Card Ideas

              Your employee comes to work on time, works hard and stays late. How do you show your appreciation for them as an employer? What traits should you recognize in your birthday card if they are focused on their career? What about if they are a good person? What if you just need to say happy birthday in a special way? Rest assured, here are three business topics for the three kinds of scenarios you may encounter as an employer.

Career Oriented Birthday Card

              This person is special in the way that they work. Show them how much you value their work ethic by highlighting their work behaviors. This may be by their dedication to the companies mission statement,

Character Oriented Birthday Card

              This person by the worth of their integrity. Reflect their values by honoring them for the good deeds they have done for coworkers, clients or their communities.

Fun Oriented Birthday Card

              This person is recognized by their social relations to how they interact with their fellow employees. If you know they lighten up the mood when things get rough or they know how to include new employees or connect them, recognize it! Write down what you’ve noticed and why it matters.

              No matter what kind of individual you are working with, you can take the time to recognize them in their own way. Go beyond their age by seeing the good in their personality.

Company Birthday Cards and Their Impact

When I first started my business I didn’t send out company birthday cards to my clients or my employees. That all changed the day I received one from my doctor. Although the card was a few days early and very simple, it put a genuine smile on my face. The card reminded me of the wonderful care I receive and all of the amusing moments that have occurred at his office because of the great attitude that he and his employees have.

Realizing the impact that this card had on me, I decided to invest the time and money to make sure that each of my clients and employees received a birthday card. I wanted my clients to know that I value their loyalty. I also wanted them to understand that we care about their happiness and our relationship. A few weeks after I started sending the cards I received a call from one of my clients. She wasn’t calling to place an order, but instead it was to thank me for the card. At that moment I knew I had made the right choice in initiating this tradition. Since then, I have received several calls from clients just to express gratitude for remembering the one day that is theirs.

The snowball effect that the employee birthday cards had on the workplace environment was amazing. Employees started to actually do things for each other’s birthdays and everyone always seemed to be in good spirits for those special days. Usually it would be something small such as cutting a birthday cake during lunch or making plans to celebrate after work. Currently the team mentality is the strongest it has ever been and I have no doubt in my mind that this is all due to taking the time to remember each of our employee’s birthdays.

Personalized Birthday Cards and the Big 6-0

On April 4th of last year, I wrote about how great it was to have received personalized birthday cards and company birthday cards from my employers for celebrating my 59th birthday and that, because of how great the feeling was, that was the reason why I was looking forward to the big 6-0 this year. Well, the big 6-0 has passed and what a great day it was!

I actually threw a party for myself at a restaurant and invited relatives and friends – 30 people in all. There was plenty of food, my favorite music, speeches – you know, a real neat celebration. When I got home, I proceeded to read all the birthday cards and open all the presents. Everyone was extremely generous with their gifts and sentiments that were written on the inside of the birthday cards. Once the guests that had accompanied us back to my home had gone for the night, I sat and reflected that the big 6-0 had been the best birthday I had ever had. There were a couple of tears as well as I thought about how great a day it had been.

Since this year’s big day was so special, going back to receiving those nice personalized birthday cards and one from my bosses next year is just fine with me.

The Day the Company Birthday Cards Went Missing

This is a story about the missing company birthday cards. You know I love greeting cards and better than that, I work for a greeting card company. You spend a third of your life (give or take) at your job and you should enjoy what you do. How much happier can someone be than to work with something they love? Well, you could get wonderful company birthday cards. We do have a lot of company birthday cards hanging around, but sometimes the mischief fairy misplaces the greeting cards on you.

It was a beautiful sunny day for my birthday two years ago. I was having that “it’s my birthday and I feel wonderful” kind of feeling. You know, that everyone’s going to treat me great and I will just eat it up kinda feeling. I danced downstairs and my husband had breakfast on the table and I got personalized birthday cards and wishes from the family. What a great day it’s going to be.

I trekked off to work and smiled at the traffic. I knew I would have a pile of greeting cards on my desk, including the company birthday cards. The owner, the president, the manager of my department and the supervisor all sign birthday cards. Then they come around and personally wish you well.

I walked in smiling at everyone. Nobody said Happy Birthday, and there were no birthday cards on my desk. What was happening? I didn’t know how to react. The president went by and said “Good morning, Dolly.” No “Happy Birthday?” No shaking my hand? How should I handle this? I didn’t want to pout like a child, but this was a really big let down. We are never too old to want people to remember our birthdays. It is a monumental occasion in a person’s life. My smile drooped a little, but I made it through the day and went home to the people who love me. They remembered how important my birth was. Oh well, I still love greeting cards.

The next day when I went to work, there was a stack of business birthday cards on my desk. There they were…all the birthday cards from my coworkers. There was the “Happy Birthday, Dolly.” There was the handshake. I told everyone that yesterday was my birthday. The company had written it down as the seventh and my birthday is the sixth. Of course, we all laughed and they changed it so they didn’t make that mistake again.

My faith in human nature was restored. My smile is bright again and all is well at the greeting cards company.

Birthday Cards and Good Company

Every year we get those cheery reminders that the little odometer inside of us just went up one. Those reminders are commonly known as birthday cards. Some of those birthday cards contain balloons, cakes, streamers, sailboats, palm trees, etc. and they all have meaningful or funny sentiments.

I am probably in the majority when I say that when my birthday comes around I would rather it pass without being noticed, especially at work. However, I cannot help but be thankful that my fellow employees are nice enough to remember my birthday and take the time to send me their best wishes in birthday cards.

One of the special birthday cards I receive is from our Chairman of the Board and our President. I do enjoy the personal touch that gets put into the birthday cards. I am not sure how many companies send out company birthday cards to their employees but I believe they serve an important purpose in further recognizing employees.

Out of all the birthday cards that I receive each year, the only birthday cards that I have kept are the company birthday cards from my employer. It may be that I feel those birthday cards are special because they are the ones that you do not really expect to receive.

This blogger celebrates his birthday on September 18th. You can feel free to send me birthday cards as a reminder that my odometer went up one again.

Birthday Cards Help an Older Boy Celebrate

They say men aren’t really adults but just older boys who never grow up. I can certainly attest to that, at least when it comes to celebrating a birthday. Having just turned 59 (gasp!) about a month ago, I can tell you that being the birthday boy is still a great feeling. On that big day, it should be all about oneself…and why not? This is the day when I can and should feel that there’s something special going on and not be criticized for feeling that way. I can revel in all of the birthday cards I receive and enjoy all of the attention I get. More importantly, I can feel like a child again without the guilt.

As a perk, some companies give an employee a paid day off on his or her birthday. Where I work, I wouldn’t even think of taking a vacation day on my birthday. My coworkers shower me with cards, good wishes, a cake and a “happy birthday to you” serenade. Even the head honchos of the company come over and offer a birthday handshake along with company birthday cards personally signed by each of them. After the workday is over I head home, where I am again presented with more birthday cards, gifts, a special dinner, more singing and all the attention a birthday boy deserves.

And you know what? I love it all, even at this age, which is why I’m actually looking forward to turning the big 6-0 next year!