National Boss Day Appropriate Gestures of Appreciation


The other day my co-workers and I were discussing National Boss’s Day. With this being the first year that our Manager is here.  Appropriate Gestures of Appreciation were being tossed about the conference room since our boss was on vacation.  This was our opportunity to get the ball rolling. Just what are we going to do this year to show our boss how we feel about her and her leadership?  A few belly laughs later along with some silly suggestions a good idea emerged.  She has commented that through laughter we can usually find solutions.  We came up with the idea that on October 16, 2015 a Thursday we would have a beautiful bouquet of flowers on her desk when she arrives.  Along with that there will be her favorite cup of Starbucks coffee the Café Misto and a large box of mini Cinnabons a favorite pastry she absolutely adores. But OH the calories!!!  She is funny that way, eating them on a special occasion is totally acceptable.  We all feel the same and will enjoy them along with her!  She will enjoy her Café Misto and cinnamon bun all the while enjoying the beautiful flowers all through day and again on Friday.  She can then take them home and enjoy them over the weekend and be reminded of how much we appreciate her and the comradery she encourages amongst all of us here in the office.  Although her sense of humor is really what we appreciate the most.