Sending Sympathy Cards – Show Someone You Care

Becoming older has its rewards; the kids are on their own, the mortgage is paid, knowing that retirement is so close you can taste it. Yes, there are many benefits but there is one aspect of aging that I am not enjoying. So many of my friends and colleagues are losing loved ones…too many really! I seem to be sending as many sympathy cards as I am birthday cards, how sad.

I think it is important to send a sympathy card to someone who has experienced a loss. It’s the people that are left behind that need the condolence. We have all experienced loss; remember how it felt?  Now remember how it felt to read lovely, soothing words of condolence from friends. Having boxed sympathy cards on hand lets the family know that you feel the loss also.

When composing sympathy cards, keep them simple. Here are some suggestions:

–          Our thoughts and prayers are with you

–          Our deepest sympathy

–          With deepest sympathy

–          With heartfelt condolences

–          Please accept my condolences

–          I am sorry for your loss

Also sign your full name and put a return address on the envelope; this will make the job of sending thank you cards a little easier.

6 thoughts on “Sending Sympathy Cards – Show Someone You Care”

  1. I always find it hard to figure out what to write in sympathy cards. Thank you for some good ideas. It’s always sad to lose loved ones but it does ease the heart to know others care.

  2. You are so right, I was actually thinking the same thing myself just yesterday. I like to send Mass cards as well as a sympathy card because they are nice to receive

  3. My mother recently passed, and i was amazed at how many condolences cards i received. I guess my mom was very well liked. And, yes, please include your return address, because in many cases, it is the only way to know who you are.

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