Is Holiday Gifting A Thing Of The Past Within The Corporate World?

Sometimes the corporate world can come off as a sterile, emotionless environment because of how cut-throat it can be. Many pleasantries are a thing of the past in today’s modern business word as things become more and more digital and disconnected from individuals. One such tradition is that of holiday gift-giving. What with an increasingly politically-correct work atmosphere and a lack of old values, many corporations are veering away from the annual gift giving the holiday season brings.

Especially as a new hire, it can be hard to know what your office does for the holidays and to find out with enough time to prepare before the holidays arrive. Should you be getting gifts for everybody? Is that what they typically do there? Some offices do a Secret Santa, others throw a holiday party, and some don’t celebrate any holidays at all. It’s good to find out what is appropriate for your office as some companies restrict exchanges like holiday gift-giving.

Once you know what is acceptable for your corporate environment, you must become aware of the additional guidelines for appropriate gift-giving. Look at what gift you’re giving, the cost and implication of said gift(s), your relationship with the recipient, etc. While giving and receiving gifts for the holidays can be fun, many offices have strict expectations for their gifting etiquette. Keep in mind, it is almost always appropriate to give corporate coworkers seasons greetings cards to wish them well during the holidays.

Office Christmas Party Themes

Whether you’re renting a hall or taking over the lunchroom, with a little creativity you can whip up a Christmas party that’s a little different this year. Consider some of these fresh and fun Office Christmas Party Themes.

Winter Wonderland: Decorations in white and silver, snowflakes everywhere, clouds of cotton on white-clothed tables, frosted drink ware and twinkling lights to sparkle like falling snow all add up to a beautifully elegant party.

Step it up a notch with a Silver and Gold Party. Gold adds a touch of extravagance to a Christmas party and lends a vintage air. Silver bells on tables set with gold-rimmed dinnerware (look for disposable!), silver and gold ribbons and ornaments nestled among the buffet trays, sparkling silver and gold candle holders – all will give your party an opulent, luxurious air.

A Candy Land theme is a fun option. Think ‘How would one of Santa’s elves celebrate?’ and you’ll soon be decorating with gumdrop centerpieces, gingerbread families and giant lollipops (easy to make with styrofoam circles wrapped in tissue paper and cellophane on a dowel ‘lollipop stick’). Consider a ‘Candy Bar’ for dessert (a buffet of favorite scoop-able candies and goodies set out in decorative jars & bowls) or maybe a chocolate fountain!

Christmas Around the World is a fun food-based theme. Serve foods from different nationalities; include standard choices like American, Italian, Chinese or Mexican cuisine, but be sure to look into getting trays of Indian, Turkish, Thai or French foods – be adventurous! Decorate with maps, world flags, signposts, postcards and fake passports and your guests will feel like they’re miles away from the office.

A couple of ‘afternoon celebration’ themes you might consider are an Ice Cream Social (how many flavors and toppings can you come up with?) or a Hot Cocoa Station. Have fun and go beyond the standard cocoa fare of marshmallows and whipped cream and offer peppermint or cinnamon sticks, toffee pieces, butterscotch chips and caramels. If allowed, consider Peppermint Schnapps, Bailey’s Irish Cream and Frangelico for delicious ‘adult’ cocoa options.

With a little thought (and some quick Internet searches) your next Office Christmas Party could be the best one yet!