How Welcome Cards Can Lift Spirits

April 27th, 2011 is a day I will always remember. My state (Alabama) was hit by the largest outbreak of tornadoes ever recorded. The devastation was horrific. 249 fatalities were recorded in Alabama that day, and it felt like I was living a nightmare. The sounds of tornado sirens blasting all day and all night are forever etched in my mind. I graduated from The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL., which was one of the hardest hit cities in the state with 43 confirmed fatalities and over 1000 injuries. In fact the apartments I lived in my sophomore year of school were completely destroyed. I live in Birmingham now which is about 50 miles from Tuscaloosa, and several of my company’s employees lost their homes and everything they owned. A few weeks after the tornadoes I was at work one day and thought it would be a nice idea for my company to give their employees that were affected welcome cards when they returned back to work. These people needed all the help they could get and returning to work might provide a sense of normalcy when their lives had been turned upside down.

My boss was in total agreement with me and loved the idea. Not only would the cards serve as a reminder that the company was thinking of them during their time of need, it would hopefully help to facilitate the healing process and demonstrate that the company truly cared about them and their families. The look on many of the employee’s faces when they saw the cards on their desks when they returned to work was incredible. I truly feel that this small gesture provided joy to these individuals. I learned that business welcome cards can be used by any company to welcome an employee back to work after suffering a tragedy. My heart still aches for everyone affected by the tornadoes but we will come back stronger than ever.

Welcome Cards Help Ease First Day Jitters

I work for a greeting card company. We sell all types of cards, but our main seller is Christmas cards. Because of this, in addition to our regular employees, we also hire seasonal workers. They are only with us for a few months out of the year, but are an extremely vital part of our team. Without them we wouldn’t be able to get the job done. Using welcome cards is a big part of how we make our seasonal employees feel like part of our family.

Remembering my first day on the job, and how I had the “new kid on the block” jitters, I always try to welcome our new employees. I just give a smile, a quick hello and a welcome aboard. There is nothing like a smile and a friendly word to ease the nerves. It was one of the first things I looked for when I started this job nine years ago. A friendly smile and a kind word can go a very long way in making a stressful situation just a little less so. It certainly made it easier for me.

What also helped make my first day jitters disappear was the lovely welcome card that greeted me upon my arrival. I knew I was working for a company that valued me right away. The signatures from all the people that worked in my department also put me at ease, because I knew they had taken time out of their busy schedules to welcome me.

Business welcome cards are also often sent by companies to new customers as a way to show them that their patronage is appreciated. So why not send them to new employees? So whether it is a seasonal worker or not, a new client or a new customer, any little (or big) show of appreciation and support is welcome.

Welcome Cards Make a Lasting Impression on Employees and Neighbors

Everyone likes to feel welcome, don’t you think? Welcoming people is very important for the psyche, the ego, and the sense of belonging.  The stresses of getting a drastic haircut, moving to a new state or starting a new job can be alleviated (to some degree) by a smiling, welcoming face. I started at my current job almost two years ago and I still remember walking in for the first time. I was directed to my desk where there was a big poster signed by my team that shouted in bold typeface, “Welcome Janine!”  There were also business welcome cards on my keyboard that were signed by the President and the Chairman of the company. These small gestures were able to bring me back to earth a little bit; to make me feel like I was a part of something and not a foreign intruder.

This warm, fuzzy feeling I got stuck with me.  I have lived in the same neighborhood for many years now, and I have seen it change a great deal.  The old neighbors I had who saw me in diapers have all moved away and many of the homes have moved from single families to two and three families with renters. I like that feeling of camaraderie, but am trying to keep up with modern times. Rather than bake a pie and bring it over to my neighbor’s door step, I decided to organize a “Welcome to the Neighborhood Wine and Cheese Party.” I invited everyone over to my back patio for some hors d’oeuvres and friendly conversation.  I placed an order for welcome cards and gave one to all of my neighbors as they walked in.

The party was a hit and the lasting effect on the neighbors was immediately obvious.  If my garbage cans are in the street, someone always retrieves them for me.  My neighbors always end their parties at a reasonable hour, someone waters my outdoor plants for me and I get personalized holiday cards from almost everyone on the street! It is crazy…I feel like I am living in an alternate universe, Pleasantville or somewhere over the rainbow.  See what a little welcome can do for people? Try it in your neighborhood…you’ll be happy you did!