Top Ways to Welcome New Employees in the Workplace

Starting a new job can be a daunting task. There are new people to meet, company policies to learn, not to mention that navigating the office can be a quagmire. When a company hires new people, they should always consider how to welcome new employees in the workplace. The more comfortable the new employee feels the quicker they will be able to produce quality work.

It is wise to have a game plan. You know ahead of time that a new employee is starting on Monday, so what should you do?

  • Inform the team that there will be a new team member and ask them to make the person feel comfortable.
  • The supervisor or team leader should introduce the new employee around, taking a moment or two to explain what everyone’s position is.
  • Assign someone to give the person a tour of the office. Perhaps there are other teams that they will be working with and they should know who and where they are located. Also it gives a person time to adjust to the layout of the office.
  • Inform them of the break and lunch policy. Is there a kitchen or do you order out. If you order out what is the policy. All of these may seem minor but can make a new employee unsure of the protocol and they may feel uncomfortable asking on the first day.
  • Assign someone to be a mentor that can help with any questions for the first few days.

We all want to get up in the morning and feel comfortable going to work. Knowing who, what, when and where policies, people and locations are in a new office will make their second day and all future days less stressful. Integrating the newest employee into the fold quickly is a great way to cement good morale. And one more thing, a welcome card could also go a long way in making the new employee feel comfortable. It’s a simple gesture, but will be greatly appreciated.

Welcoming New Employees

You have found the perfect candidate for the opening in your company.  You offered them the job and they accepted it.  Now how do we get that person to stay for the long haul?

The first thing I suggest is giving the new hire a call a couple of days before their start date.  I am sure they have many questions and this will help them feel at ease.  Let them know things like where to park, where they can grab a bite to eat, etc.  You do not get a second chance to make a first impression.

Then have a welcome strategy.  A great idea is to have a bunch of office supplies bundled on their desk with a welcome card.  Next, assign this new employee a mentor or buddy.  This person should meet the newbie in the lobby and start off with a tour of the building and introductions to the staff.  He can show him around, teach him how things work in the office and be there for support and guidance in the future.

Show your new hire that they are welcome and appreciated from before they walk through the front door and continue to make a point of including him in all the activities around the workplace.  How your company handles onboarding will leave a lasting impression.

Welcome Cards Make You Feel At Home

Greeting Cards are probably the most welcome mail we get. We get holiday cards, birthday cards, easter, mother’s day, etc. The one thing they have in common is they make us feel good. Sending and receiving cards benefits the sender as well as the receiver.

Let’s go the extra mile to make new employees feel great about working at our company. Sending or giving them welcome cards will calm their first day jitters. An employee will be instantly happy to be in a company that thinks enough of them to make them feel welcome. Nobody wants to be just a number.

Do you belong to a club or organization? A great way to encourage a new member is to send them a Welcome card. Especially when the group divides into a circle of friends in the organization, will the inductee feel more comfortable with a card in hand. We all need encouragement when we are the newbies.

Putting ourselves in other people’s shoes will certainly give us a better grasp of how the newest people feel. Let’s get on the Welcome train wherever we are. A warm greeting in a card and a smile is the best feeling. Welcome aboard!

Welcome Cards – Because First Impressions are a Two-Way Street

There I was….My first day….Extremely anxious….I mean who wouldn’t be? I am beginning my first real job in the corporate world at a Fortune 500 company. Anything could happen….I could screw up bigtime. I hope not…..but I could.

I am dressed in my brand new business suit with hair up in a neat little bun and a subtle touch of make-up, yet my nerves are making me a little shaky. I walk in and go straight to the Human Resource Department. After completing all the initial paperwork, I am escorted to my new desk with my stomach still fluttering. The first thing I noticed was an envelope with name on it in the cool little inbox that was set up on my desk.

When I opened it, I was delighted to see a Welcome card with the signatures of everyone in my department including my supervisor’s, the President’s and the Vice President’s. What a wonderful thing to do for their employees. My stomach calmed down and my nerves mellowed out. This was a great way to make me feel right at home in my new position.

This is when I realized that even though I was making my first impression, the company was also make their first impression. Making a first impression in the professional world is a two-way street. Welcome cards are a great and easy way to do that. I know working for this company will be a terrific experience for me because it is run by thoughtful, considerate people.

Welcome Cards are Perfect for New Employees

Just imagine: You have joined a new company and have been training all week on a brand new computer system with all new coworkers. You are sent to your cubical surrounded by strangers and the butterflies in your stomach are flying like mad. You sit down and adjust your chair so at least you are a little comfortable. Then a light shines down, you look at the keyboard and see an envelope propped up against the computer screen. Then, you open this card with the word “Welcome” staring back at you. A sigh of relief escapes you…..


Classically Elegant Welcome Card
Classically Elegant Welcome Card – Design 70JAY


Welcome cards are the perfect way to make new employees relax and feel like they have joined the team. It is important to make new personnel have a sense of belonging. It is also imperative that the employee is relaxed and feels safe. They need to have a comfort level so they can ask for assistance if necessary without worrying about how they will be perceived. When I began working for a new company last year and was given a welcome card, I felt that this company and I would be a perfect fit. Most offices and/or companies are like any family or close knit group of friends. It is usually difficult to feel like you fit in and are part of things quickly. Welcome cards aid in the development of relationships between new employees and their new coworkers and bosses.

How Welcome Cards Can Lift Spirits

April 27th, 2011 is a day I will always remember. My state (Alabama) was hit by the largest outbreak of tornadoes ever recorded. The devastation was horrific. 249 fatalities were recorded in Alabama that day, and it felt like I was living a nightmare. The sounds of tornado sirens blasting all day and all night are forever etched in my mind. I graduated from The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL., which was one of the hardest hit cities in the state with 43 confirmed fatalities and over 1000 injuries. In fact the apartments I lived in my sophomore year of school were completely destroyed. I live in Birmingham now which is about 50 miles from Tuscaloosa, and several of my company’s employees lost their homes and everything they owned. A few weeks after the tornadoes I was at work one day and thought it would be a nice idea for my company to give their employees that were affected welcome cards when they returned back to work. These people needed all the help they could get and returning to work might provide a sense of normalcy when their lives had been turned upside down.

My boss was in total agreement with me and loved the idea. Not only would the cards serve as a reminder that the company was thinking of them during their time of need, it would hopefully help to facilitate the healing process and demonstrate that the company truly cared about them and their families. The look on many of the employee’s faces when they saw the cards on their desks when they returned to work was incredible. I truly feel that this small gesture provided joy to these individuals. I learned that business welcome cards can be used by any company to welcome an employee back to work after suffering a tragedy. My heart still aches for everyone affected by the tornadoes but we will come back stronger than ever.

Welcome Cards Help Ease First Day Jitters

I work for a greeting card company. We sell all types of cards, but our main seller is Christmas cards. Because of this, in addition to our regular employees, we also hire seasonal workers. They are only with us for a few months out of the year, but are an extremely vital part of our team. Without them we wouldn’t be able to get the job done. Using welcome cards is a big part of how we make our seasonal employees feel like part of our family.

Remembering my first day on the job, and how I had the “new kid on the block” jitters, I always try to welcome our new employees. I just give a smile, a quick hello and a welcome aboard. There is nothing like a smile and a friendly word to ease the nerves. It was one of the first things I looked for when I started this job nine years ago. A friendly smile and a kind word can go a very long way in making a stressful situation just a little less so. It certainly made it easier for me.

What also helped make my first day jitters disappear was the lovely welcome card that greeted me upon my arrival. I knew I was working for a company that valued me right away. The signatures from all the people that worked in my department also put me at ease, because I knew they had taken time out of their busy schedules to welcome me.

Business welcome cards are also often sent by companies to new customers as a way to show them that their patronage is appreciated. So why not send them to new employees? So whether it is a seasonal worker or not, a new client or a new customer, any little (or big) show of appreciation and support is welcome.