Design #338AY – Starlight Anniversary

Giving or sending corporate anniversary cards is a perfect way to acknowledge a milestone. When an employee reaches another year of employment, my company gives that person an anniversary card signed by our executive team as well as our managers.  The card often contains a little note such as, “We are glad to have you with us!” or “Thanks for being here!” Each employee is made to feel like a “star.”

And speaking of stars, design #338AY, Starlight Anniversary Card, is a card worth giving. The design features a gold star centered on buff stock. Within the gold star are outlines of three additional stars. These stars are backed with a silver-filled gold frame with delicate swirls of glistening foil. The back drop to this is more stars and swirls done in silver foil and framed in the same elegant finish.

Design #338AY - Starlight Anniversary Card
Design #338AY - Starlight Anniversary Card

Giving corporate anniversary cards certainly isn’t limited to employees. They are appropriate to send to your customers as well. They are a way to acknowledge any number of milestones such as obtaining another year in business, or another year or month of beating an illness. Starlight Anniversary is just one of many choices that can be used to let someone know that whatever the accomplishment, it is indeed worthy of mention.

Sending Corporate Anniversary Cards to Boost Morale

Today I received a few anniversary cards. Getting greeting cards always cheers me up. Oh, the greeting cards weren’t for my wedding anniversary though; they were corporate anniversary cards recognizing my first day of work for the best greeting cards company ever! I know I sound like a cheerleader, but I think it’s important to cheer for the good things in life. One of the best things is greeting cards!

I think I mentioned I love sending greeting cards, but that means I also love receiving them. When we get anniversary cards at work, they are signed by the company chairman/owner, president and department manager. I think giving corporate anniversary cards is one of the greatest morale boosters. The gesture tells people that they are recognized for their importance as valued members of the company. The anniversary cards are followed by a personal visit and congratulations on the anniversary. How fabulous to work for a company where you can feel appreciated.

I was surprised when I first started working here. During the first week, everyone greeted me by name and encouraged me to join in with different activities. I thought it must be a front – everyone can’t possibly be this friendly or this nice. All these years later, I still am amazed to feel that every day when I come to work. Consequently, I am happy to go to work every day. How many companies can say that their employees are eager to come to work? Not enough! Maybe we can give lessons. Giving employees greeting cards is a start!

Anyway, Happy Anniversary to me and I hope to celebrate many more.