Using Photo Christmas Cards to Show off Your Business

Sending Christmas cards is not just a great way to remind your clients that you are thinking of them, but if done right, it is a great opportunity to do some advertising.  With such an awesome selection of photo Christmas cards on the market today, you can definitely use this time as a marketing strategy.

There are Christmas cards where you can upload your own photo.  I am sure you have all received family photo cards from relatives and friends so why not use this for your business?  Take a picture of the inside of your shop displaying key items.  Add some employees in there dressed in the either the products (depending on the type of business) or in company colors. 

Another great idea to show off your business with a photo Christmas card is to use a Christmas custom photo mount card.  Feel free to take a picture of the outside of your building and have it printed on the front of the card.  One client sent me their Christmas photo card with a picture of their storefront at twilight as the snow was falling.  This is a great way to make a last impression.

Using photo Christmas cards to show off your business is a great way to spread Christmas joy and to also keep your business front and center you’re clients’ minds.