Free Downloads of College Knowledge: 101 Tips by David Schoem

In association with and the University of Michigan Press, The Gallery Collection is sponsoring free downloads of the book, College Knowledge: 101 Tips, by David Schoem. The free downloads have been made possible by, a digital publisher that sends books to readers in installments via email or RSS feed.

College Knowledge: 101 Tips

David Schoem is Faculty Director of the Michigan Community Scholars Program at the University of Michigan. Through his years of experience as an educator, he has written this book with the hopes of providing guidance to students entering their first years of college. His book is filled with advice, success stories, and anecdotal tips on how to make the transition into college as seamless as possible.

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The Gallery Collection recognizes how important students are to the future of America, and we hope this book will be a beneficial resource to those who read it.