Advantages of Having Diversity at the Workplace

Let’s face it. We can look at the list of top executives in almost any company, and the majority of them have similar backgrounds.  Not just in areas such as education, but more than likely, they share the same race, gender, and religious beliefs. Now more than ever, we live in a country that is becoming more diverse each day. From people arriving here to make a better life for themselves, to others who have made the decision to openly live their lives, embracing their identities. Shouldn’t our workplace reflect the world outside of the building where we spend the majority of our lives? The very core of diversity is inclusion.  The inclusion of people from all walks of life tends to bring a multitude of ideas, which can have a great effect on the company’s performance. This is just common sense. But not necessarily common practice. What company wouldn’t want more ideas to choose from? As humans, we have the tendency to be drawn towards people that are similar to ourselves. But how can we grow by only staying in our comfort zones? How much more in business, as the potential to draw from people different from ourselves is enormous. Left untapped, we are just existing in the everyday rat race. The goal of any business is to grow, continuously taking it to the next level.  Imagine that growth from the seeds of diversity watered by inclusion, cultural awareness, and traveling outside of our comfort zones. Isn’t it time to make the rhetoric of “thinking outside of the box” a reality?