Windpower Greeting Cards Inspire Me to be Eco Conscious

I recently ran a search on the internet for greeting cards and came across an interesting result. I found a company that makes windpower cards. All of a sudden it hit me: if a greeting card company could produce greeting cards using windpower technology, why can’t I do more for the environment?

After having this thought, I made it my mission to do something that would help the environment. I originally thought I was going to make a big splash by getting a hybrid or an electric car. Unfortunately, this didn’t make much sense since I just purchased a fuel efficient car less than two years ago. Still looking to do something big, I tinkered with the idea of possibly using solar energy in my home. But I had to dismiss this idea quickly as I am hoping to move within the next year, and not to mention that solar panels can cost up to $15,000!

I started to come to the realization that I probably wasn’t going to make this big splash after all. So I decided to make some smaller lifestyle decisions that I feel will help make a difference. For starters, I installed compact fluorescent light bulbs all throughout my house and am now saving energy because of it. And I am now very conscious about recycling. In fact, I am at the point where I bother my house guests if they throw a can in the trash instead of recycling bin. Finally, I thought it would be fitting if I were to place an order for birthday cards from the very same windpower greeting cards that got me started on this kick.

While I didn’t make any of the big moves I originally intended on, I am still proud of my decisions and hope others follow suit.