Christmas Cards For Business That Are Both Stunning and Recycled

As I was looking for Christmas cards for business to send to our customers and associates this year, I came across a stunning card titled “Season’s Greetings Red Berries” from the Gallery Collection.  This card features a unique interpretation of gold foil winter branches gracefully depicted on the front of the card and adorned with bright red berries set against a dark black background.  An elegantly scripted “Season’s Greetings” is showcased on the front of the card and is suitable for any holiday situation.  The card is both sophisticated and dazzling and the effect will surely convey our best holiday wishes to our customers and business associates in style.  To me, this card stands out amongst a myriad of Christmas cards.

Another factor that contributed to my card selection was that “Season’s Greeting Red Berries” are recycled paper Christmas cards.  The black paper stock is made from 30% post consumer waste and is manufactured in an emissions-free mill powered by wind-generated, renewable energy.  Being environmentally friendly is important to me and this was just another added bonus that contributed to my card selection.

When I received my order and inspected my cards, I was even more impressed with my card choice.  The card stock was thick and slightly textured and the foils were brilliant and rich in color.  The card was embossed which added to the high quality feel of the card.  My greeting choice and company name were artfully reproduced on the inside of the card.  I was so happy with my card selection that I placed another order for this card so that I can send out for my very own personal Christmas cards.  Whether I send this card to customers and business associates or friends and relatives, this stunning card design coupled with its environmentally friendly nature will surely make a statement.

Ordering Christmas Cards Can Be Fun And Rewarding

I love when it comes time to choose Christmas cards I really cannot want until the catalogs start pouring into the office. I realize this sounds nutty or as if I have nothing better to do, trust me, I have a very hectic schedule so the thought of losing myself in a Christmas card catalog is heavenly. I look forward to seeing the new designs that are introduced each year and wonder how the designers come up with them!  One of my responsibilities is to order the Christmas cards for the company but first I have to select a few designs, order samples and present them to our executive team. Although the task seems simple, there are many things to consider. I first get a budget and the number of cards to be ordered so when I present the selection to the team I will have all of my facts. There are several things that are constant year after year like quality and the sentiment on the front of the card. For us it is Season’s Greetings or Happy Holidays so one design can be sent to all of our clients.

This year I noticed many of the cards sold are made from 30% post consumer waste recycled paper which is a plus for our company. I wasn’t totally sure what 30% post consumer waste meant so I Googled it and according to Wikipedia:

Post-consumer waste is material discarded after consumer use, such as old corrugated containers (OCC), old magazines, old newspapers (ONP), office paper, old telephone directories, and residential mixed paper (RMP).

To think that the papers I recycle at home become recycled paper Christmas cards is pretty cool!