How to Market Your Business with Christmas Cards

Over the last few years, due to a somewhat stagnant economy, many businesses have cut expenses and decided to forego sending Christmas cards to their customers and clients. This is a case of being penny wise and pound foolish. While eliminating Christmas cards from your company budget may save you a bit of money in the short term, the importance and long term financial benefits of sending company cards should easily surpass the anticipated benefit of any short term corporate belt tightening.



Part of the power of the Christmas card as a strong marketing tool lies in all of the positive feelings and good will associated with the holiday. When your customers or clients are in this festive mood, there is no better time to send them a token which reminds them of your business relationship. Sending these cards will also remind customers that haven’t thought of you in a while that your company is still around and going strong and that they may soon need to purchase whatever product or service that you offer.

When sending company Christmas cards, there are some important guidelines to follow to ensure that you make the most positive and effective impression. In order to not offend any of your customers, it is best to choose cards with a general theme. Since you don’t know the religious beliefs of most of the recipients, sending a card that reflects your own religion may irk some and instead of generating the intended feelings of warmth and loyalty, your gesture could end up having the opposite effect.

Make sure that you do not purchase low-quality cards. Doing so will send a very wrong message. It will signal to your customers that they are not important enough for you to go to any real expense on their behalf. If, for budgeting reasons, you absolutely have no choice between sending cheap-looking cards and not sending cards at all, it is best to opt for the latter choice. Cards printed on a thick sturdy paper stock with quality craftsmanship and foil embossing are the best choice.

The inside message should be simple, sincere, and to the point. Basically just thank them for their past business and wish them a happy holiday season and coming year. When possible, a handwritten signature adds an excellent personal touch. If you are sending a very large quantity of cards, you can order them with your name professionally printed inside. Perhaps you can reserve a few dozen for your biggest clients where you can add a brief handwritten greeting or signature.

Also, remember that timing is important. You should mail your business holiday cards sooner rather than later. Since your goal is to boost sales, you want to remind people of your organization before they do their holiday shopping. Immediately after Thanksgiving (or even 1-2 days before it) is the optimal time for mailing.

You should send these Christmas cards not only to generate extra business, but to sincerely thank your customers for their past patronage. If you follow these simple steps, you should be able to take advantage of all of the benefits that sending company holiday cards can bring.

How to Increase Sales with Christmas Cards

Owning a small business means that I have to make sure that all my choice make sense. Every purchase I make has to be carefully thought out. Is the purchase necessary? Do I need the item? Does the benefit of this purchase outweigh the cost? What about advertising? Do I advertise and if so, how do I get the most bang for my buck? Should I send out holiday cards this year? I really enjoy sending out cards during the holiday season. Ugh!

Gold Star Christmas Card


So I got to thinking! I really want to advertise my business and wondered how to increase my sales with Christmas cards. After careful consideration, I determined that I could do both. After all, I display all of the holiday cards I receive. I look forward to hanging them on the wall and am always grateful that someone took the time to add me to their list of recipients. With this in mind, I started an online search. One of the first sites that came up was The Gallery Collection. After checking out all the beautiful Christmas cards that they offered, I settled on a calendar card. It depicts wonderful, seasonal images. To this, I added a heartfelt thank you, as well as my company information. I can’t think of a more cost affective way to advertise my business all year long. Money well spent for sure!

Time for Holiday Cards!

Halloween is almost here and that means one thing; the holidays are just around the corner! When we think of the holiday season there are many things that come to mind: snowmen, getting together with friends and family, the smell pies baking, and of course, holiday cards! Holiday cards help us remind people, especially those we do not see everyday, that we are still thinking of them.

 	 Swinging Holiday Ornaments Christmas Card

This is precisely why Christmas cards for business have become so popular. Sending cards to clients and customers is the perfect way to remind them how much you value their business. As an administrative assistant, I am usually the point of communication between the company I work for and any services we need, and I always feel appreciated when I receive a holiday card from one of the companies we’ve worked with. Not to mention, they are usually the first ones I remember when I need to use that service again.

Last year, I suggested to my supervisor that we should send out our own business Christmas cards and he loved the idea! Although what he loved even more was how many of our customers mentioned how happy they were to receive them and how it really made them feel like we took a personal interest in their business. I definitely started a new tradition at our company; he’s already having me research the designs for this year’s card!

Christmas Cards For Business That Are Both Stunning and Recycled

As I was looking for Christmas cards for business to send to our customers and associates this year, I came across a stunning card titled “Season’s Greetings Red Berries” from the Gallery Collection.  This card features a unique interpretation of gold foil winter branches gracefully depicted on the front of the card and adorned with bright red berries set against a dark black background.  An elegantly scripted “Season’s Greetings” is showcased on the front of the card and is suitable for any holiday situation.  The card is both sophisticated and dazzling and the effect will surely convey our best holiday wishes to our customers and business associates in style.  To me, this card stands out amongst a myriad of Christmas cards.

Another factor that contributed to my card selection was that “Season’s Greeting Red Berries” are recycled paper Christmas cards.  The black paper stock is made from 30% post consumer waste and is manufactured in an emissions-free mill powered by wind-generated, renewable energy.  Being environmentally friendly is important to me and this was just another added bonus that contributed to my card selection.

When I received my order and inspected my cards, I was even more impressed with my card choice.  The card stock was thick and slightly textured and the foils were brilliant and rich in color.  The card was embossed which added to the high quality feel of the card.  My greeting choice and company name were artfully reproduced on the inside of the card.  I was so happy with my card selection that I placed another order for this card so that I can send out for my very own personal Christmas cards.  Whether I send this card to customers and business associates or friends and relatives, this stunning card design coupled with its environmentally friendly nature will surely make a statement.

Sending Corporate Holiday Cards Is Just Good Business!

There are a number of good reasons I send corporate holiday cards to my customers. The rationale is simple; it’s good business. I use them to impress my customers with the fact that I truly appreciate working with them and working for them. At a time of year that’s all about goodwill, sending a card is a great way to connect with the VIP’s of our business…the customers. Christmas cards work for me, but for bigger companies with a more diverse customer list the solution is easy; go with more general holiday cards.

The biggest problem I have is selecting a card! But it’s time well spent, because there’s only one thing better than sending the card, and that’s sending a card that really gets noticed. I get compliments on the cards I send every year; how stunning they are, how original, nostalgic, sophisticated, etc. What started out as a sincere effort to say “thanks” turned into an amazing marketing tool. It’s a  real win-win proposition.

I’m usually pretty traditional with my selections, but this year I might go out on a limb. I’ve been looking at a couple Christmas cards for business on black paper. With bright gold, green and red foils they’re really attractive and classy. They caught my eye right away, and I’m thinking they might be just the right touch this year!

Christmas Cards for Business Add That Personal Touch

I love getting Christmas cards – the pictures, the messages, the feeling you get each time you open one and realize someone was thinking of you.  These feelings aren’t just for family, friends and neighbors.  Christmas cards for business are also a big part of the season.  When people have so many choices as to who gets their business, its heartwarming to know you are appreciated.  Actually, a business Christmas card does double duty.  It lets customers know how much their loyalty has meant over the year, but it also puts their name back in the customers’ minds.  Remember, the holidays are a hectic time of year – everyone searching for just the right gift.  Sometimes that card arriving at the opportune time could be just what the doctor ordered.  Some businesses keep their names in customers’ minds all year long by sending a calendar card – another great idea.

I know around the holidays I sometimes get a card with a little something tucked inside.  Dare I say it, but these are my favorites.  Advertisements of special sale dates or coupons are a real treat.  Businesses know that you’ll spend the coupon money and more, so for them, it’s “win/win”.

And what about a card from your doctor or dentist?  Sometimes those visits are a little nerve racking.  But lots of us end up having a wonderful relationship with the folks in those offices.  I know for the holidays each year, my mom bakes cookies and delivers them to her doctors and their staffs which is her way of saying thanks for all the help during the year.  So, a card from them says they are thanking and thinking of her too.

Some people are skeptics and think businesses are cold, but clearly getting business holiday cards says the exact opposite.  Someone spends quite a bit of time choosing just the right card – be it a wreath, tree, bells, or something a bit more whimsical – maybe penguins decorating a tree – to send that holiday message.  So actually, quite a few people have their hand in making your holidays a little brighter just by sending you a Christmas card.