Ten Simple Exercises You Can Do At Work

Exercise is a love/hate relationship to most of us. Some exercise faithfully, and there are others who wouldn’t think of it. I was raised in a physically active home as a child with a Dad who played semi- professional baseball, and parents who engaged in bowling, tennis, swimming, dancing and walking. There was no way around it, and I am happy for the healthy education of exercise. I began teaching fitness, from infants to seniors, in 1985 and for 22 years brought the gift of healthy living to many of my clients.

Ten Simple Exercises

In many professional offices, employees sit at a desk for approximately 7 hours per day. Ten simple exercises you can do at work can make you body feel energized, provide a clear thinking mind and grant you good health in your professional journey. While you sit at your desk, make a conscious effort to:

1. Rotate your ankles
2. Perform heel raises
3. Raise your toes
4. Stretch your arms over your head and bend to each side while in your chair
5. Roll your neck to reduce tension
6. Do knee lifts in your chair
7. Perform straight leg lifts
8. Be mindful to sit up straight
9. Tap your toes to keep the blood flowing
10. Stand up often

These ten simple exercises that you can do at work will make you feel more alert, hold your energy level high, keep your muscles strong, keep your mind stimulated and your attitude enthusiastic!