How To Plan Your Employee Birthday Cards In Advance

Keeping track of your employee birthday cards can be so simple. I have found that by ordering birthday cards for my employees at the beginning of the year, I can obtain the best discounts for the year. The Gallery Collection has a large array of cards that are of high quality paper stock, embossed in an array of foil and colors and large in size. I order the classic seal fast envelopes (self-sealing) which are made with a pearlized lining adding a classy touch to the card and allowing for a quick closure.

Birthday Whimsy Greeting Card

I’ve kept a spreadsheet log of my employees birthdays for many years, listed by months and days, in order not to miss any special dates. Every year, I choose a new design with a different greeting, not to repeat the prior year. I love seeing the faces of my dedicated group of employees, knowing that I have made an impact on their very special day of the year. Ordering a box of cards not only saves time and money, but assures me to remember the people that make me successful. Next time your order cards for your employees, check out the Gallery Collection!


Make Your Company Stand Out With Unique Birthday Cards

Did you ever wake up on your birthday and feel depressed about getting older or reaching a milestone that you thought wouldn’t come about for a long time? I guess we could put a name on a birthday and call it reality. As we awaken to the day’s celebration, we begin to realize that it just might be a great day we can be thankful for. Most of us would love to have a day off from work to do our own thing to make the day feel worthy. The feat of making it to another healthy year is more than special. But, reality strikes, and we find that your business office is waiting for you.

Cupcake Paradise Birthday Card

Upon arrival, you discover that your home away from home, where we spend most of our time, has become your place of celebration. Our friends greet us with special treats, maybe a birthday cake and a birthday card signed by all of our coworkers. What a special feeling to find unique birthday cards, even signed by the President of the company too! Another successful, healthy, happy year and a day of happy memories!

Ten Simple Exercises You Can Do At Work

Exercise is a love/hate relationship to most of us. Some exercise faithfully, and there are others who wouldn’t think of it. I was raised in a physically active home as a child with a Dad who played semi- professional baseball, and parents who engaged in bowling, tennis, swimming, dancing and walking. There was no way around it, and I am happy for the healthy education of exercise. I began teaching fitness, from infants to seniors, in 1985 and for 22 years brought the gift of healthy living to many of my clients.

Ten Simple Exercises

In many professional offices, employees sit at a desk for approximately 7 hours per day. Ten simple exercises you can do at work can make you body feel energized, provide a clear thinking mind and grant you good health in your professional journey. While you sit at your desk, make a conscious effort to:

1. Rotate your ankles
2. Perform heel raises
3. Raise your toes
4. Stretch your arms over your head and bend to each side while in your chair
5. Roll your neck to reduce tension
6. Do knee lifts in your chair
7. Perform straight leg lifts
8. Be mindful to sit up straight
9. Tap your toes to keep the blood flowing
10. Stand up often

These ten simple exercises that you can do at work will make you feel more alert, hold your energy level high, keep your muscles strong, keep your mind stimulated and your attitude enthusiastic!

Cheap Christmas Cards Can Leave A Bad Impression

I have the privilege of working for The Gallery Collection, one of the top greeting card companies in the country. I feel we produce the most beautiful, dazzling Christmas cards, and the results are truly eye catching. I have always been entranced with the array of color found in things that sparkle, and these cards are all of this and more.

Cheap Christmas Cards Leave a Bad Impression

In my travels during the holiday season, several years ago, I visited a few offices in another state. I remember noticing how their greeting cards were displayed around the room. Some were taped to the wall, and others were hung on a piece of string. If the greeting cards are of high quality, they truly stand out amongst the other not so pretty cards. Cheap Christmas cards can leave a bad impression, and find there way to the bottom of the pile so to speak. Companies that purchase “high end” cards will have a lasting impression from the card sender, and perhaps develop future business all because of an eye catching Christmas card. On the 2 office visits, I spotted cards immediately which were designed by my company. I actually felt a sense of happiness and pride to see our company’s classy cards up front and center!

Sympathy Cards – Thoughts That Can’t Be Erased

As my parents have grown older, so have their friends. It seems like my Mother was making many monthly trips to express her condolences at our nearby funeral home. The family who loses a loved one has so many arrangements to make within several days and life becomes surreal. The chaos of a funeral viewing and the verbal expression and sympathies coming from so many friends within a short time period erases the faces of those who came to remember. It’s so important to send sympathy cards to let the families of lost loved ones know you stopped by to pay your respects.

Sympathy Cards

Every so often, someone in the work place loses a family member, another reality of our lives. Business sympathy cards are a special way of providing continued comfort to a co-worker and their family. We may not know this person personally, but we become connected through the work place. Giving or receiving a sympathy card from a work acquaintance can build a special bond between friends in the office. Verbal expressions of sorrow are caring, but a sympathy card brings thoughts of compassion that can’t be erased. Your thoughtfulness will always remain with your family or friends.