Thank You Cards – The Easy Way to Brighten Someone’s Day!

There is nothing like unexpected thank you cards to bring that smile back to your face after a long day. Thank you cards provide that delightful little spark that can turn your day from a gloomy, rain drenched day to a sunny one. I remember being in fourth grade in class working on sheets of paper with crayons attempting to make all sorts of cards as class assignments. Every holiday was usually ripe as an excuse for our teacher to assign us with the task of creating our own holiday card from scratch for our parents. This was when I first came across the idea of sending out cards for all occasions.

To not send an acknowledgement after receiving help or even a friendly gesture is equivalent to not saying please before asking for something. With social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, it is increasingly easier to stay in touch with friends, family, and acquaintances. These sites do allow you to essentially send a thank you or birthday wish to someone you know as opposed to sending a physical card. Though, no matter how much our technology seems to advance, there are some things that will always stick around and corporate thank you cards are one of those lasting treasures. Sending a thank you card to your boss or supervisor for simply helping you out could always lead to that long-awaited raise you were looking for. So as the New York Lotto’s motto goes, “Hey, you never know!”

4 thoughts on “Thank You Cards – The Easy Way to Brighten Someone’s Day!”

  1. I agree, giving an actual Thank You card to show appreciation is so much more special to anyone then sending a “Thank U on facebook or twitter.

  2. I feel the same, giving and receiving a thank you card can make a big difference from such a small gesture. I remember buying my son an IPOD Touch for his birthday, two days later I received a hand drawn card from saying I love you Daddy, I melted, my heart well up with so much love for that boy. Yes, show of appreciation makes a big difference to me.

  3. So true, Carver! There is nothing like holding a Birthday or Thank You card in your hand, with a personal handwritten note inside. Getting simple messages from Facebook is nice, however having a physical card in your hand allows you to proudly display them on your desk at home or at the office afterwards!

  4. One can say Thank You by just mouthing the words, but nothing says you truly are grateful than sending out a personal note on a card. It is just enough to brighten someone’s day.

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