In this age of instantaneous communication, it might seem like there is no need to send a personal Thank You Card to anyone anymore.  Surprisingly enough, there are many scenarios, both personal and business, for which this is still appropriate – and even expected.  The question is, who to send them to and when.

Below are the top scenarios for which this show of appreciation is still warranted and also appreciated by the recipient, along with guidelines for when to send the Thank You Card.

Gifts Received

  • Send within 6 weeks after receipt of the gift (sooner is better).


  • Gifts received at an event that you host or is held in your honor.
  • Gifts received in acknowledgement of a major life event.
  • Gifts given by guests who could not attend and could not be thanked in person.


Birthday · Anniversary · Engagement · Retirement · Graduation · Bridal Shower ·Wedding ·

Baby Shower · Birth of Baby · Baptism · Communion · Bar/Bat Mitzvah ·Confirmation · Congratulations · Housewarming · Surprise Party · Gifts received during an illness ·

Condolence Notes/Gifts

Kindness/Show of Appreciation

  • Best to send within a few days of the kindness you have received, but can be sent up to 2 weeks later. Beyond that time-frame, the sentiment will lose some impact.


  • A favor from a friend or neighbor such as pet sitting, house sitting, transportation, errands, etc.
  • After a hospital stay, to thank a nurse or doctor who went above and beyond.
  • To thank an exceptional teacher or babysitter.

Thank the Host/Hostess

  • Best when sent within a few days after the occasion, but best if sent no more than 2 weeks later.


  • A friend’s dinner party
  • An extended visit at someone’s home

Employment Search

  • Best when sent within 1 day of the interview, but no more than 2-3 days later.


  • Not necessarily required, but definitely recommended.
  • Shows the interviewer that you have manners and reinforces your interest in the position.
  • Makes you stand out from the competition (most people do not send them).
  • Puts your name in front of the interviewer again.
  • Should be sent to each person who interviews you.

Business Thank You Cards

  • Should be sent within 5 business days after the event or action you wish to acknowledge, but no more than 10 business days (2 weeks) later. Sooner is always better.


  • After meeting with a prospective new customer.
  • After a customer places their first order.
  • In appreciation of a customer’s continued business.
  • To a customer who has been patient in a difficult situation.
  • To the host of a business meeting or conference you were invited to and attended.

There may be many other reasons to send a hand-written Thank You Card.  The point is, there is really no reason not to take the initiative to show your appreciation to another person.  So go ahead!  Be creative, be appreciative, and send a beautiful Thank You Card.  It will be well-received!

Thank You Cards for Today’s Business World

In today’s fast paced corporate world – where the source of just about all our communication is done through emails and the internet – taking the time to write out and send a business associate thank you cards as a means of communicating your appreciation or just to network can make a powerful statement as to how you conduct your own business. Thank you cards for business are a great way to help keep your company in contact with others that may be or eventual become clients, suppliers, business contacts or even to thank someone for a referral. The benefits of using thank you cards for business shows that you appreciate them for something they did for you or your company.

Using corporate thank you cards is seen as a positive and effective move that will keep your company in the thoughts of your recipients for potential future projects. These extra steps you take to ensure your company and your products will be remembered at that corporate meeting or company presentation. The corporate thank you cards you send can very well play a major role in getting you future business with other companies. You know how word of mouth is a powerful tool in the business world? Well using thank you cards for business to let someone know you appreciate having them as a customer or just as thanks for a job well done can speak volumes!

Thank You Cards – The Easy Way to Brighten Someone’s Day!

There is nothing like unexpected thank you cards to bring that smile back to your face after a long day. Thank you cards provide that delightful little spark that can turn your day from a gloomy, rain drenched day to a sunny one. I remember being in fourth grade in class working on sheets of paper with crayons attempting to make all sorts of cards as class assignments. Every holiday was usually ripe as an excuse for our teacher to assign us with the task of creating our own holiday card from scratch for our parents. This was when I first came across the idea of sending out cards for all occasions.

To not send an acknowledgement after receiving help or even a friendly gesture is equivalent to not saying please before asking for something. With social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, it is increasingly easier to stay in touch with friends, family, and acquaintances. These sites do allow you to essentially send a thank you or birthday wish to someone you know as opposed to sending a physical card. Though, no matter how much our technology seems to advance, there are some things that will always stick around and corporate thank you cards are one of those lasting treasures. Sending a thank you card to your boss or supervisor for simply helping you out could always lead to that long-awaited raise you were looking for. So as the New York Lotto’s motto goes, “Hey, you never know!”

Moms, Manners, and Corporate Thank You Cards

When I was a little girl, my mother not only taught my siblings and me manners, she insisted on us using them. From as far back as I can remember, she never let us get away without using them. Oh, Dad contributed to these life lessons as well, but it was Mom who was the diligent enforcer of the rules. Saying “Thank you” was just as important as “Please,” “May I,” or “Excuse me.” Thank you was a way to acknowledge that you appreciated what the person had done for you. What does this have to do with corporate thank you cards you might ask? Just think how you feel when you have taken the time to do something for someone and they don’t even acknowledge it. You might think it was a waste of time and why would you bother to do anything else. In business, that is the last message we want to convey. Whether or not it is an employee or a business associate makes no difference. Everyone wants and needs to be appreciated.

Now I’m not saying that if one doesn’t receive a thank you note every time that they do something, they won’t do it again. What I am saying is, knowing that someone has taken the time to show that they have noticed your efforts will go a long way in the goodwill department.

My mother used to have a saying (and I bet your mother did too) – You will catch more bees with honey….you know the rest. What applies in your personal world applies in the corporate world. Now more than ever, it is important to apply all of those life lessons that our mothers tried so hard to instill in us. Although my mother is no longer with us, I am grateful everyday that she took the time to ensure that manners became a part of my everyday world. I don’t have to think about it. It is a part of my everyday. It’s as natural as brushing my teeth.

Although not limited to thank you cards, keeping a supply of business greeting cards on hand is one of the best ways to convey your message. Having a supply on hand ensures that you will always have a card ready to go, for any occasion.

True Blue Corporate Thank You Cards Inspire Trust

Corporate thank you cards fill a big vacuum in our modern society and they can fill it with a good impression of your service. It used to be that every time you completed a transaction, at a retail store or with an in-house service-person or even over the phone, the cashier or service person would say, “Thank you,” and probably smile at you. If you were dealing with a really well-run business, those thanks were offered with genuine sincerity.

Nowadays, it seems to me the “service person” is too busy chatting on a headphone set or with fellow employees or “hanging-out with friends” to even look at you, let alone speak to you. Even if they are all alone, it’s often as though you’ve ceased to exist once they’ve taken your payment.

I’ve started saying “Thank you” to them as I put away my change or credit card or receipt. You’d think they’d take the hint, but sadly, the best reaction you can usually expect is if they say, “You’re welcome,” or “That’s okay,” while turning away, as if they had done you a favor.

If you are planning to order business thank you cards right now, or if you already use them as Standard Operating Procedure, you are among the best and the brightest, determined to succeed and grow and persevere. The particular card you choose to send conveys more than your thanks; it tells the receiver a lot about how good you really are.

Design #325AY, Royal Thank You Card, shows you as a true “stand up” kind of business associate, a reliable and clear-thinking person with a great deal of integrity. The embossed blocks of dark blue and lighter blue create a firm backing for the gold foil scripted “Thank You,” set within a fine gold frame. The sturdy ecru matte-finish card stock shows a clean, wide margin around this design, giving substance to your thanks.

Design #325AY - Royal Thank You Card
Design #325AY - Royal Thank You Card

Design #043AT, Corporate Thank You Card, displays modern flexibility on a sound and practical foundation. Presented on subtly textured ecru paper, a perfectly balanced equal-sided nine-part diamond is embossed as the center background, with a level and central embossed line all the way to the side edges. The rainbow foils of the elegantly scripted “Thank You” glow forth in shades of blue, teal, and silver. The “recycled paper” symbol on the back of this card adds a footnote on your sense of responsibility to others.

Design #043AT - Corporate Thank You Card
Design #043AT - Corporate Thank You Card

Either one of these “true blue” corporate thank you cards will represent you with the kind of honor that invites repeated trust in you and in your organizational abilities.

Use Corporate Thank You Cards to Express your Appreciation

In these challenging times, purchasing and sending corporate thank you cards may be the last thing we have on our minds; when in fact, this is the time we should be sending them. What better way to let your customers and colleagues know that they are appreciated – not just in good times, but even more so in times of economic turmoil.

Expressing thanks and appreciation shows that you value the faith that your customers and colleagues still have in your product or service. I don’t know about you, but when someone takes the time to thank me, it shows me that I am indeed appreciated. This in turn plants a seed. When I know that something I have done is appreciated, it makes me want to repeat the action. By sending thank you cards, we are leaving a lasting, positive impression. By not expressing our appreciation, we are also leaving an impression, and we can all guess what that would be.

Design #095AY, Filigree Thank You Card, is distinctive and elegant. It is a buff colored card with the words “Thank You” done in gold foil. Behind this is subtle, pearl filigree. This is bordered with the same pearl, accented in two corners with a delicate design. This graceful and stylish card is a great way to say express appreciation.

Design #095AY - Filigree Thank You Card
Design #095AY - Filigree Thank You Card

For another option, consider design #691AY, Thank You Elegance Thank You Card. This simply stated, but reflective thank you card clearly conveys the message that you are sending. You may decide to choose a greeting and add a personal imprint or you might decide to add a handwritten note. Either way, the message that you are truly grateful will be clearly expressed.

Design #691AY - Thank You Elegance Thank You Card
Design #691AY - Thank You Elegance
Thank You Card

Corporate Thank You Cards Provide Reassurance

Raise your hand if you have felt under-appreciated at some point in your life. Raise your hand if you have felt a little neglected at some point during your career. Now raise your hand if you have ever felt like your boss did not give you enough credit. Wow, we’re running out of hands. Let me tell you the story of how corporate thank you cards let me put my hand down.

I have worked really hard at my insurance company for years. I have never been a look-at-me type of person, so I do my work and do not make much noise about it. Working as long as I have for this company, you would expect some recognition other then the occasional raise. I wasn’t looking for much, but some sort of “Hey, great job!” would have been nice. Humans need reassurance – it’s a condition we’ve developed over the years. You tell me how great I am…and then I think, “Wow what a great place to work. Let me not steal office supplies today.”

A new CEO came to the company and before I knew what had hit me, things changed. When a big project had gotten completed, I get a letter in the mail addressed from her. Scared that this may be my pink slip, to my surprise it was actually one of those hand-written corporate thank you cards. You know the ones that you always hear about but never actually receive. It wasn’t much, but the thought really counted in my book. This person took the time to recognize my hard work by actually sending me a personalized thank you card. In today’s world, you can’t get any better then that. Well, I guess I could get a raise as well but I’m not gonna push that envelope…just yet.

Doing the Right Thing with Thank You Cards

Some years ago, there was this guy on the radio on one of those all-talk programs who gave out advice to listeners on personal finance, as well as on how to handle oneself under certain situations one may encounter during a particular day. One thing that he always told his listeners was: “You can’t go wrong doing the right thing”.

Following that adage on a daily basis will not only keep you out of trouble but will also give a deep feeling of joy for being an overall good person. One way of being nice to someone is to acknowledge when an individual has done a good turn for you. And a great way to show appreciation is to reciprocate by sending a thank you card to that great someone, or corporate thank you cards if business related.

When is it a good time to send out a thank you card? Well, I would think the answer is anytime. Certainly, to acknowledge the receipt of a gift of any kind, whether for a birthday, anniversary, graduation or any other kind of special event, is a must. However, to send out a thank you card to show sincere gratitude when someone has done “the right thing” can make the sentiment expressed even more special. A good deed, a favor, anything that is done unexpectedly – it can be a terrific opportunity to say “thank you” with a thank you card.

One such occasion that happened to me was when my family was moving into our new home. After a long day of not only lifting boxes to and from the old house but also supervising the movers to make sure they didn’t break anything, we were pretty tired. While taking a break, finally, as afternoon turned into evening, our doorbell rang. We were new to the neighborhood, so who the heck could it be? It turned out to be our friend Kathy, her arms filled with bags of food that she had picked up at the local fast food establishment. She handed the bags to us, turned back to her car and shouted out, “Enjoy!” And she was gone. Naturally, we were flabbergasted and overwhelmed.

Our friend certainly did “the right thing” by showing her generosity. And the thank you card she deserved was sent out as soon as we found the greeting cards buried amongst all the boxes piled up in the new house. Not to mention how good the chicken tasted!

Business Thank You Cards: Even More Important When the Economy Is Tough

On the surface, corporate thank you cards may appear to be a line item you can cut from your budget when the economy dips and you need to toughen things out. After all, if someone doesn’t get thank you cards from you, how would they even know to “miss” the greeting cards? Well, try putting yourself in their place.

Let’s say that you’re a client. Your business is being competitively solicited all the time. You tend to take your current suppliers for granted. You’re also looking for ways to keep your budget lean and your profits robust. What does it take for you to remain loyal? I’ll bet that a small, personal gesture may be all it takes. Maybe thank you cards, with a brief personal note, will be just enough to maintain loyalty!

Let’s say that you’re a vendor. You have a healthy number of steady clients and you’re always looking to expand your client base. Of course, each of them wants to be treated as your top priority. If one of them exercises the habit of sending you corporate thank you cards, letting you know that they really appreciate your service, wouldn’t you tend to favor their needs when the chips are down?

Let’s say that you’re an employee. If you’re a valuable staff member, odds are that other employment overtures are made to you. What keeps you pouring your efforts into this company? Perhaps it’s as simple as knowing that your talents are truly appreciated. Wouldn’t you like to see and save that appreciation, in writing, on premium quality corporate thank you cards or maybe even employee birthday cards?

Let’s say that you’re a volunteer, one of a shrinking pool of dedicated individuals able and willing to serve without recompense. How do you choose where to donate your time and talents, and how diligent do you feel when it’s your turn to show up? Wouldn’t beautiful and sincere thank you cards help to bolster your enthusiasm?

Whether it’s done with greeting cards or in other ways, extending thanks – frequently, sincerely, and solidly – that’s the one item that must never be cut if you hope to truly succeed in any business, at any time.