Thank You Cards – When Is It Appropriate to Send One in the Workplace?

Saying thank you with a card is never really inappropriate however in the workplace just as everything else, we must practice moderation and follow policies that are set in place.  A simple thank you for a favor a coworker has done or to all the employees for their hard work during the quarter is almost always okay.  The only reasons a thank you can become a problem is if it disturbs someone or embarrasses them.  Personal thank yous can also show favoritism if there is a difference in hierarchy so bosses should refrain from sending out individual cards leaving that as a reward for something like a company-wide contest that everyone is aware of.

Appropriate occasions for a thank you card are plentiful keeping everything previously mentioned in mind.  Contemporary Thanks Anniversary Card this clean and spaced design gives a professional thank you to an employee the way you want it to, showing gratification without overdoing it.  While for those looking for something to write a more personalized message the Signature Thank You Card captures sincerity with a more artistic approach.  So whether you’re looking to thank all your employees or show appreciation for your coworkers for favors done a thank you card is definitely appropriate to send.  Trust me, it will definitely be appreciated and show in the future.

7 thoughts on “Thank You Cards – When Is It Appropriate to Send One in the Workplace?”

  1. I don’t know that there is a time when sending a thank you would be deemed inappropriate. I think more often than not people tend to just not send them out. I take notice when people do.

  2. Thank you cards are appropriate for many occasions. I like the versatility of these cards.

  3. It’s a good idea to give all your subordinates the same card design. An employer should not be viewed as someone who has favorites in the work place. That could be detrimental to the moral of the team.

  4. It is never inappropriate to say Thank You. Send a card! Two very important words in business (and LIFE) “Thank You”.

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