Environmentally Friendly Thank You Cards Show How Much you Care

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Environmentally friendly thank you cards are the wave of the future and I am proud to work for a company that cares enough to produce them. We use paper that is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council); it is a bit more expensive but worth the price to protect the earth for future generations. Becoming FSC-certified (SW-COC-002530) is no walk in the park…it is quite labor intensive and time consuming. One must be committed to the cause! The FSC standards are strict, and so a greeting cards company cannot just use FSC certified paper and claim to be certified. Applications must be filed, vendors must be qualified, employees must be trained, and then there is the yearly audit…just to mention a few parts of the process. When you turn over one of our environmentally friendly thank you cards you will see the seals of approval that we work so hard to earn. Not only do we have the best quality, best looking greeting cards…we are also helping to preserve the planet.

It is so nice to be thanked! I don’t do things to receive the gratitude, but boy is it rewarding when you know that your kindness was appreciated. With that being said, I remember to send thank you cards whenever I’ve been blessed with someone’s generosity. Last week I had my car serviced and my mechanic cleaned the inside of my car, so I sent him a thank you card. In retrospect, maybe I should have been embarrassed that he felt compelled to clean the inside of my card, but he got a card anyway. I sent a thank you card to the HR person that interviewed me for this job (nice move on my part). I got the job, and I love it!

Sending thank you cards to customers is also a great way to maintain them as regulars. This past Christmas, I received several cards thanking me for my loyalty…and you know those vendors will continue to get my business next year. I will be sure to think of them first. Sending a real card – a quality card – is much better than getting an email. I get so many emails from vendors vying for my business that they are common place and I tend to ignore them, but when I receive a personalized greeting card in the mail, I tend to remember the vendor. Now top that off by sending eco-friendly thank you cards, and you just thanked yourself as well!

Rachael Ray tells us that the best way to thank someone is with food. I don’t think my friend in Virginia would care for a box of meatballs, so I send him thank you cards instead.

President Obama wants us all to do our part, and I am solidly behind him as well as company I work for. One may think that it takes a large contribution like that of the FSC to make a difference but every little bit counts. And I am proud of our contributions and proud to work for a company that is environmentally responsible despite the cost and hard work it takes to make us that way.

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