Business Birthday Cards that will Make the Birthday Person Feel like a Star

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I enjoy reading funny, clever greeting cards when I have the time, like when I’m waiting for a prescription to be filled. It passes the time while amusing me. Once in awhile, I discover a card with the perfect wit for a particular friend. Sending this card to someone who knows me well, on a personal basis, may say to them, “Made you laugh!” But, make no mistake about this – I would not want to use these for my business birthday cards!

Having said that, I wouldn’t want you to think I believe that business birthday cards have to be stuffy and boring. Really, why bother sending birthday cards at all if they don’t have a celebratory “flavor” to them? However, business birthday cards shouldn’t make either sender or receiver seem like the brunt of a joke. Let me point out a couple of different birthday card designs that strike a happy medium in that regard.

Design #636AY, Golden Birthday Sparkle Greeting Card, reflects business-like clarity with personal warmth and sincerity. Especially nice as a business birthday card for males, it’s made of strong, rich ecru-colored paper stock. The crisp design leaves a generous unmarked margin of this wonderful matte finish material. A “Birthday” banner of embossed gold foil stands out like a theater marquee with lettering in rainbow shades of blue, teal, purple and magenta. The surrounding touches include a graceful sweep of stars in gold and rainbow foils. This design makes me think of a movie premiere where the birthday person is the star of the event!

Design #636AY Golden Birthday Sparkle Greeting Card

Design #636AY Golden Birthday Sparkle Greeting Card

Design #692AY, Cake and Candles! Birthday Card, also on creamy ecru card stock, deserves the exclamation point that’s part of its name because it is an exciting and truly happy design. This sweet confection features an embossed cake, centered on a slant, frosted in cheerful pastels and topped with five glowing candles. The words “Happy Birthday” in gold foil cursive dance at the sides of the cake, matching the curlicues of gold foil that trim the cake. A smattering of small pastel and gold foil stars at top left and bottom right create a harmonious balance in this charming design. Any businesswoman will feel like a star when receiving this beautiful business birthday card.

Design #692AY Cake and Candles! Birthday Card

Design #692AY Cake and Candles! Birthday Card

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