How Personalized Thank You Cards Helped my Faraway Daughter

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Last May my lovely daughter decided she needed a change of scenery and a warmer climate. Little did I know she would also need some inspiration in the form of some personalized thank you cards!

It all started when she decided to move to California, where, to her delight, the scenery was gorgeous and the weather fabulous. She settled right in as if she had been there forever and soon landed a nice job in a property management office. “But you don’t know anything about property management,” said I. “So what? My boss says he can teach me the business,” said she. And he did. In no time she was promoted to office manager.

Her boss, wonderful guy that he is, surprised my daughter with a luncheon to celebrate her promotion. All the employees were invited to the nice little Italian Bistro down the street. They had a wonderful afternoon of wining and dining and celebrating. My daughter was so thankful to her boss, her co-workers and the little Italian Bistro and she wanted to let them know how grateful she was for all that they had done for her.

So she called me up to see if I had any ideas. Of course I had an idea! I always have an idea and it usually includes a personalized thank you card from The Gallery Collection where I just happen to work, and where they just happen to have the most spectacular thank you cards on the planet.

She had to agree, The Gallery Collection’s thank you cards are fabulous. So she picked out a really lovely design and had her name imprinted in beautiful gold foil on them. She sent them to her boss, her co-workers and to that little Italian Bistro. Needless to say, they all loved the cards (and the homemade chocolate-chip cookies she included with each card!)

She may be 3,000 miles away now, but lucky for her, Mom and The Gallery Collection’s thank you cards are just a phone call away!

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Elena September 19, 2009 at 5:56 pm

You are a lucky lady to have a daughter that is so confident that she can move to another state and take a job without prior experience. She was also lucky that she found a job with an understanding boss that appreciates his employees. What a great experience. It made me recall my first job interview. My friend and I were still in high school when we headed out one morning to the big city for our job interview. We still had our hair in curlers (dating myself again) so we would look presentable for our interview. After getting off the subway, we walked in the wrong direction and got completely lost in lower Manhattan. We decided to hail a cab. We told the cab driver our destination and he recognized us as being “green” in the city. He never started the meter. After a couple of blocks, he pulled in front of our destination, put his mirror down so we could comb out our hair, told us the ride was on him and wished us good luck in our job interviews. That New York cab driver left a lasting impression on me and I am sure the kindness of your daughter’s new boss is something she will never forget. The thank you card was a great gesture.

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